Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday Random Thoughts 11/4/10

Stuff I have been thinking about:

-My mother in law keeps telling me that I look like I am losing weight. Since My scale doesn't seem to agree with her I wonder what she is up to telling me that?

-Speaking of my in laws. We had a great visit from them last weekend that included a trip to the NC Zoo and other great stuff. They also gave me a new grill for my birthday which is AWESOME!

-I saw this picture to the right last week and thought to myself that the target demographic for drinkers of Olde English 800 sure has changed since the days I was in college.

-Since we are on the subject of drinking here is one for you. My wife's uncle and his new wife are a little bit odd. Here is an example. They recently told the family that apparently drinking wasn't good for them so they have come to a decision. They are going to give up drinking. From now on they are only going to drink wine. WHAT??

-Last week I tailgated (ie. ate food out of the back of a vehicle in a parking lot) three days in a row! Thursday at NC State, Friday at the AL Brown Wonders game, and Saturday at the zoo. Yes folks we tailgated at the zoo! #WIN

-I forgot to tell you all last week that my son got the entire crew of waitstaff at Red Lobster to sing to me for my birthday. He was very upset that I didn't want to be sung to and told the waiter, "NO, you HAVE to sing Happy Birthday to my Daddy" Very sweet, even though I didn't want them too.

-One last thing about my son then I will go. He really got into the trick or treating this year as most 3 and a half year olds will. The cool thing was after his time to be out was over he really also got excited about giving out treats to all the "visitors" that came to our house telling them things like, "Hey weve got candy for you!" and "You are scary, have some candy!" Such a sweet kid.

Until next time...



Raquel's World said...

Good thing about kitchen to clean up.

Karen said...

Your little man is the perfect age to get into the magic side of all the holidays. I predict Christmas will amazing too.

I think I will tailgate prior to happy hour tomorrow. You are an inspiration.

Matt-Man said...

I have but one thing to say...Those are some nice tits. Cheers Doc!!

Knight said...

What a sweet kid! YOU WILL sing to my daddy! How could they say no?

Charlene said...

You need to tell your wife's uncle that he needs to give up the wine if they are really want to stop drinking. It's like there is more to the sentence: We are stopping drinking ...... hard liquor!

Doc said...

Raquel - You got it!~

Karen - I can't wait for Christmas either. We are taking him to Radio City Music Hall!

Matt-Man - Did she pick up that 40 at the Beer Mine?

Doc said...

Knight - They had no choice... It was very sweet. I love that kiddo.

Charlene - EXACTLY - they are lonny tunes!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

You are raising a cool kid there Doc...people who think drinking only wine or beer is not drinking have a bigger problem than they think

Doc said...

Vinny - I agree (on both counts)

Disaster Chick said...

How cute! Especially the candy giving out. As for getting the wait staff to sing at least they didn't pull a saddle up to the table for you to sit on and shine a light in your face. Go with the flow and have fun.