Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election finally OVER!

A few thoughts about this election and then we will drop the political stuff and get back to normal.

-There seems to be a good trend showing in this recent election and that is that more people seem to be getting involved in the process. This is a good thing in my opinion. More people in the process may actually get Washington to listen. Eventually.

-The main candidates I was supporting Larry Kissell and Cabarrus county Sheriff Brad Riley were both re-elected. This is a bonus (I actually got to meet the Sheriff at my polling place) because both will work hard for the people they represent regardless of their party affiliation.

-The coverage last night on MSNBC was classic as usual. Cris Matthews tried to get Republicans to answer questions that they ducked all night and Keith Olbermann lobbed softballs at the Democrats. Nothing new to report here.

-Rand Paul, newly elected Senator from Kentucky scares me to death.

-Republicans take back the House of Representatives but the Democrats keep the Senate. Should make for interesting politics in the next few years. Hey Republicans, you got your wish "No more Nancy Pelosi." Be careful what you wish for. Hello John Boehner. #justsayin

-To wrap up my thoughts last night I will say that the best comment of the night came on Twitter from my buddy Jayman. It genius is in the simplicity. After projecting that the Republicans would take back the House I remarked that nothing would get done in the next two years. Jay's comment - "We might be better off with nothing getting done" Truer words never spoken.

What did you all think of the elections?



Paige said...

Around here, I don't think there's a chance of anything getting done no matter what so we're good. We had a super scary guy running for Senate that wanted to eliminate the minimum wage and put 10,000 lasers in the sky (to protect from missiles) and he was defeated by our long-time governor. So we'll need a new governor. Hope that race doesn't get as nasty as the senate one. And we had Spike Maynard, who is a big buddy of the guy who owns Massey Coal, throw mud for months and get defeated, which is my one big bright spot.

More than anything I'm just glad it is over!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

As a conservative, I'm actually glad that our Dem. governor won the senate seat. He's a DINO anyway (Dem in name only). Plus, it gets him out of our hair and hopefully, gets some "will and pleasure employees" on the dole. Buh-bye, King Joe! :-)

Raquel's World said...

I agree with Jay!

Matt-Man said...

The MSNBC coverage was good, except for Olbermann. Oh, how I loathe him at times. Here's to Crazy Larry!!

In regards to ETW's comment...I dig Manchin. I partied with Manchin. Manchin bought me lunch one day. ETW is no Joe Manchin. Cheers Doc!!