Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Random Thoughts 11/19/2009

Stuff I have been thinking about:

-To continue my trend from last week about women on children's programming who I think are hot when my son is watching. I really like the singer Laurie Berkner from Noggin/Nick Jr. Anyone else watch their child's TV programs because you think one of their performers is hot?

-I have recently rediscovered by love of Orange Soda that I have had since I was a child at summer camp. Man is it good yummy stuff. Trying to lose some weight so I have to limit my intake to a couple of cans a week.

-My son thinks that lima beans are little pieces of soap. When he eats them he will play with them and pretend like he is washing his hands. He even calls them "slippery" after the bar of soap on Blues Clues.

-Apparently the hot new must have toy for this year is something called Zhu Zhu Pets. I guess the concept it that they are pet hamsters for kids who can't take care of a real hamster. Except these hamsters drive cars and ride roller coasters and other crazy stuff in their little cages. Apparently they are hot and hard to get including selling for way to much on E-Bay and other places. Watch out because your kids may soon be asking for them. Didn't the recession put companies that make silly stuff like this out of business?

-I am looking forward to the movie "Little Fockers" coming out in 2010. I loved all the other movies in the series and even though I am not a huge Ben Stiller fan I bet this one will be just as funny as the others.

-After my rotten football weekend last week I was redeemed this past weekend by all my teams winning! Speaking of which the Carolina Panthers are playing at home against Miami tonight and my wife is going to the game for girls night out. I am staying home with Patrick and it will be boys night at home! I have a funny feeling there is Totinos frozen pizza in our future cause I don't get to make it very often!

-AED (defibrillator) update from last week. So my floor the 4th has two of these devises just in case someone has a heart attack while at work. (If there happens to be someone around qualified to shock your heart back into action) I went down and took a look at the second floor and there were none. No AEDs. Apparently it's safer to work on the second floor and my life is more at risk on the 4th. I am sure some actuary has it all figured out. However I have an ace up my sleeve... They are moving me to the second floor after the 1st of the year... BOO YAH !!

-Jay Leno had a line the other night that made me laugh out loud in bed and made me worry that I would wake my wife up. He was talking about this Twilight movie coming out and the character Bella. Apparently she was dating a vampire and broke up with him only to start dating a werewolf. Leno says something like, "Bella really needs to get her money back from because she is having some bad luck! People are giving Jay a hard time about that show but I like it.

-Why does my "personalized" Google News page pick an article about Dancing with the stars as their top recommended story for me? Never watch and can't stand that show. Obviously Google doesn't know me as well as they think they do. And that is probably a good thing.

-Google's second recommended story for me was something about Robert Pattinson and New Moon. STRIKE TWO !!

- Taco Bell Sauce can make just about any leftover lunch meal just a little bit better. Yum!

-Walk to 100 miles update. 11.2 miles down 88.8 to go. Weather and meetings have hampered my efforts recently. But I will plug on!

-My son had a great line the other day. We were in the car and he didn't want to be in his car seat and was saying he wanted out. My wife says, "No. It's the law" His response, "I'm Patrick Little and I don't need law!" This kid is too smart for a 2 and a half year old!

-Stat Counter stat of the week. Long time readers will remember a spat that we had with a 17 year old kid named Anniken McFly over a blog post from 2008 Mt. Cat made about Keanu Reeves. Well this Anniken McFly put our blog post on his website and we still get hits from it including this week. I just don't understand how someone can be that convinced that Keanu Reeves is a great actor.



Micky-T said...

Orange Soda!!!!! Yes!

Southern Belle said...

-Grape soda and a bag of barbecue Frito’s….great together and a big weakness for me. I have been clean of them for 5 years!

- I guess you are S-O-L if there isn’t anyone or several people trained on the defibrillator…what if they are out on vacation the day you kill over?

Mandy said...

Patrick sounds about as precocious as my Molly. Funny kid. Let's just hope he outgrows the "I don't need law" or you are in a lot of trouble!

*AED training-if it makes you feel any better, there should be SEVERAL people, SEVERAL, trained on AED use and just in case the machine talks to you and tells you EXACTLY what to do, where to place the pads and then it takes over. You don't have to say "charge to 360...CLEAR...." they are much more automated. Just so you know, wouldn't want you to worry your self too much over it, ha ha...

Four Dinners said...

When I was a kid we had The Magic Roundabout and Muffin The Mule (although why anyone would want to go muffin a mule is beyond me)..;-)

Heart attacks are ok! You get bed bathed by a very sexy Philipino nurse...well you do in the hospital I was at....even better when it turns out it wasn't a heart attack after all!!!

That kid will go far!!!

Lu' said...

...and you got tired at my place? I have to come back. Damn your head is full :)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I can't stand Laurie Berkner...I think she has enough money to have that mole on her face removed. But, every time I see her, THERE it is! Making me crazy! LOL.

Doc said...

@ Southern Belle - Or worse - what if the defibrilator trainee is the one who keels over?

@ EvilTwinWifey - HUSH!! you will ruin her for me!!

@ Lu - I couldn't follow that stuff at your spot today... Will try again tomorrow :p

Doc said...

I guess maybe I could have found a better picture of Laurie Berkner... Maybe I will have to make a whole post about her someday.

3 Men and a Lady said...

First of all, Keanu is NOT a good actor. Not horrible, but certainly not good. He's very blah, IMO. And I don't care for Jay's new show. But I didn't like his old one, either. I pledged my loyalty to Conan years ago. And I LOVE you kid's line about needing law. Really, who needs it?

Dianne said...

Diet Sunkist isn't bad if you're worried about the calories

LOVE Patrick's line!!! that kid is gonna be infamous ;)

Southern Belle said...

Doc....I don't think you are going to find a better picture of Laurie Berkner. In my opinion...which we know what those are like....HOT would not be the word I would use for Laurie Berkner.

3 Men and a Lady said...

I second what Dianne said; diet Sunkist is delish!

jennifer said...

This post is so chock full of goodness that I am commenting in mid-read. If you continue with the current blogging trend, I'll probably have more to say (lucky you).

- orange soda = yuck.
Orange soda homeade ice cream = OMGosh yum.

- No joke, I had a crush on Gilligan when I was a little girl. My dad watched Gilligan's Island with me. I've never asked him that age old question... Ginger or Mary Ann. And he has Jesus in his heart now so I will never know :)

- Since you mentioned Blues Clues... Steve was cuter than Joe.

- Fur-real Friends, the motion activated pet (???) are the Linda Blair of the stuffed animal world.

- never has "climbing the corporate ladder" and "making a living" been so literally translated. I'll be relieved when you make it to the 2nd floor.

I have more reading to do...

jennifer said...


- Taco bell sauce packets and a burrito shell in a lunch box automatically qualifies you as a cool parent.

- Keanu Reeeves? "EXcellent!"

Doc said...

"This post is so chock full of goodness that I am commenting in mid-read."

YOU ROCK JENNIFER !!!! - Thank you for your Comments!