Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hitting the High Notes 11/18/2009

OK, so here are a few odd things I read the news recently:

-First, just saw this article today about those Somali Pirates again. It seems that these idiots still haven't found Captain Jack Sparrow with their compass that points to nowhere because the big dummies tried to hijack the Maersk Alabama again. Don't they remember the last time they hijacked this ship? These guys are dumber than Captain Hook.

-If you are going to accused of a crime I guess now there is a new way to prove your innocence. Facebook! Check out this article about a guy arrested on robbery charges was set free due to his facebook status. And you thought Facebook only got you in trouble... Of course if Facebook becomes an acceptable method of giving an alibi then the hope is still alive that someday in court an attorney may channel Johnnie Cochran and cry, "If it was on Facebook, then he's off the hook!"

-Here is a run of the mill story about University of Tennessee football players getting arrested for armed robbery. Nothing odd about that you say? It's pretty run of the mill for those thugs right? I thought the same thing until I read deeper into the article.

According to the police report, the
victims of the robbery were in their car outside a Pilot convenience store,
parked next to a Toyota Prius, when a black male approached
wearing a hooded sweatshirt, brandishing what appeared to be a handgun, opened
the driver's side door and said "Give me everything you have." A second black
male also wearing a hooded sweatshirt then came around to the passenger side of
the victims' car, opened it and said, "Give us everything you've got."
when the victims opened their wallets and showed they had no money, a third
black male approached the other two and said "we've got to go," and all three
got into the Prius and drove away, according to the police
Police said when they pulled over the Prius, they
found a black air-powered pellet gun and a pair of hooded sweatshirts.
This made me laugh out loud. These are new age gangsters. They have gone green! Now how many hardened criminals do you know who try and pull off armed robberies with a Prius? This is hilarious to me. Hey if you are gonna commit crimes at least take care of the environment why don't you? I guess the thought is if they get into a car chase they can outrun the copy on gas mileage. Is it just a coincidence that this crime happened to be in Al Gore's home state of Tennessee?

-Kind of a scary article here about some Russian cannibals who cooked and ate a guy they killed and then SOLD parts of the dead body to a kiosk that makes kabobs... YIKES and you thought the food court at your local mall was a health hazard!

-Don't know if you heard about this or not but it finally happened. A contestant has died on one of those crazy reality shows called Wipe Out. This show is fashioned after Japanese game shows that have very elaborate physical challenges involving knocking the participants off obstacles into water and mud and look very dangerous.

-Finally here is a story I find a tad bit humorous. The FBI is now looking for a serial bank robber who they have dubbed the "Geezer Bandit." He has apparently knocked over five banks in the San Diego California area. Hey Congress, If you don't fix social security this is what the elderly are going to have to resort to! What a classic name. The Geezer Bandit!

Until Next time.. enjoy what you read in the news!
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Anonymous said...

I can't figure out why there are pirates to begin with?? What do they even steal from them? It's not like those ships carry gold coins. Who wants to steal giant storage containers of Chinese goods?

Karen said...

I like Wipe Out, but it doesn't surprise me that someone got killed. They do dangerous stuff and we laugh at them getting hurt.

And there is something exciting about the whole Somali Pirate thing for me. Trust me I know they are wrong, but I root for them just little bit. It takes some balls to be pirate!

Four Dinners said...

Russian cannibals eh?

I hope they never exported bits of him.

I had a kebab this did taste a little unusual...mmmm...very nice though.

Anonymous said...

Too bad we can’t do what was done in the seventeen and eighteen centuries "dancing the hempen jig", or hanging at the end of a rope. Might would teach them to stop the piracy.

Doc said...

I don't know why I find it so funny that Karen is secretly rooting for the pirates.... LOL!

Micky-T said...

I'm rooting for the Geezer...

Anonymous said...

I would agree with Micky-T....I am rooting for the geezer. Goes to show your only as old as you feel!

jennifer said...

That is one uuuuuugly orange T.