Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Random Thoughts 7/17/2008

Stuff I have been thinking about:

-I want to know when things switched over to kids wearing bicycle helmets? When I was a kid not only did I not wear a helmet but I am not even sure they made them for kids. The only bike helmets we saw were in the Tour De France. Now it's even illegal for some kids not to wear a helmet. I am not complaining about the safety aspect I am just wondering when things changed? I guess safety wasn't as important when I was a kid.

-It's a pretty big day for me. I have finally decided that I am going to purchase an I-pod and get this digital music thing going on.

-It's pretty sad that Anhieser-Busch is being bought by a Belgian company. American icons are going by the wayside. Heck I even read last week that the Chrysler building in New York City was being sold to investors from the middle east. I bet that next you are going to tell me that Chevrolet is going belly up.... Whoops too late.

-I got sent this really cool site by a reader named Kelly. The link gives 100 different links to various time wasting games and sites to check out while you are at work. It's pretty cool and I suggest you check it out!

-Odd or interesting search note of the week. We actually had someone find our blog be searching "Rocklahoma bikini" I bet they were disappointed.... On second thought, maybe not.

-Yesterday was our annual "day out" at work. I spent the day with about 60 co-workeers out on the lake on a charter yacht hanging out, relaxing, having a few beers, and basically enjoying not working. It was nice. A lot of folks liked my idea of doing this every Wednesday however I don't think it will happen.

-A big thank you to Kaitlyn from Mailboat records who re-sent my Jimmy Buffett Live at Wrigley Field CD after it got lost in the mail. (maybe it was on the Mailboat...LOL) Well she found out blog by clicking on the link in my e-mail. Hi Kaitlyn, Thank you. The CDs came in the mail yesterday!

-The following 2 news articles appeared right next to each other on last Friday... "Drought update: No change locally" and then followed by "More rain on the way today" Seriously will this drought ever end? Even though it rains all the time we are still considered to be too dry. It's actually been nice so far this summer. Yeesh.

-The second half of the baseball season starts today. Let's Go Mets we are only a half game back. Don't look now Yankee fans but the Mets have a better shot right now of winning their division that you guys do.

-Oh an BTW I was just joking about the I-Pod.... I ain't buying one of those wretched things. In my mind they are right up there with the video game Rock Band. I was just trying to get Mt. Cat all excited.



Hammer said...

Helmets..I'm pissed that it's a law but glad my kids wear them.

It's strange being adult.

Karen said...

Doc - I don't get why you don't embrace technology. Is it just the digital music or do you still use a rotary phone and stuff?

Lauren said...

I couldn't deal without my Ipod. You're going to be addicted to it.

Dana said...

Bike helmets? Just ask my son what happens when you don't wear one! It may not be a law in our village, but it's a household "law"!

If you refuse to use an iPod, I think we should also take away your cell phone, computer and *gasp* your remote control!

Doc said...

Hammer.... Great to see you Sir!!

Karen... hush! I still argue almost weekly about cassette tapes so that may tell you something! :p

Lauren.... Mt. Cat, Absolut and I have a long running debate about I-pods...LOL!

Dana... don't you touch my remote !!

Karen said...

I thought it was the principle of the cassette tapes that we were arguing about. I am one your supporters in that fight, but I didn't realize you were going to utilize these tapes now. I don't even own a tape player anymore!

Doc said...

It is the principle... however I was simply trying to jokingly portray that I don't embrace technology.

Aunt Becky said...

When we were kids, the only kids who had helmets didn't need them for bicycles. They needed them to NOT bash their brains into the walls.

The Mountain Cat said...

Let me tell you a story about my friend Doc who in 1995 said and I quote 'The internet is non-sense'. Yes you were anti-internet. But can you live without it now? Can you live without YGAKOBT? Or Or Fantasy Bass Fishing?

Yeah yeah yeah, you 'ain't buying one of those wretched iPods'.

When the technology gets more universal I bet you will have an iPod or something similar in less than five years. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!

Oh by the way Doc is anti-text messaging.

Knight said...

Anti text message? Without that I would never talk to anyone but my mom!

Micky-T said...

I'm sitting in the boat with Doc!
I use this shit but "I Do Not Embrace" it.
It all helps to take away that American Dream we use to hear about when we were kids.

Mini Rant....The rich will keep getting very, very, very, very richer and the know the story! I believe in America but I no longer believe in an American Dream, it's over people.
The lawyers [generally speaking] and the insurance companies have killed it. Best go find a little island, or a piece of land in the country to spend the rest of your days just living like a human being, loving, laughing, crying, I hope to! All this stuff mostly just wastes my time living. Wheeeeuuww! my keyboards smokin!!!!
Sorry, that just popped out.

Doc said...


Jay said...

Mic's on a roll baby.

Thanks for the link to all the game sites. Cause I really need to spend MORE time playing online games. LOL

jennifer said...

There is a Southern Comedian named Micky Dean. He does a comedy bit about kids now a days becoming "precious". I think that is the root of the bicycle helmet deal. No riding in the back of pickups, mulch under the swings in the park, and bicycle helmets. Cause they are just so precious.