Wednesday, July 16, 2008

'Doc' Halladay

Yesterday afternoon I went to the Major League Baseball's All-Star Parade in midtown Manhattan. I took some amazing up close photos of Hall of Fame players and current All-Stars as they were transported down 6th Avenue in a series of Chevy Silverados on a red carpet. While I was editing my photos, I looked closely at the photo below of the Blue Jays pitcher Roy Halladay. The pitcher is in the pink shirt. But who is that guy with the black jacket and sunglasses behind him?

He looks like my blog partner Doc!!

Dude you were in New York and didn't bother to tell me??? How'd you become friends with Roy Halladay???

Doc, Maybe you are just this guy's evil twin. Too funny.

Any rate, please enjoy my photos of the All-Star Parade: Gallery.

- The Mountain Cat


WNG said...

Sneaky, sneaky Turtle!!!
I thought Mt.Cat was the sneaky one, you know, using 'vacation' as an excuse to stalk me...but this is super sneaky. So did you wave at Papa G?
He was there too!!!

I was here in office hell, trying not to be bitter...

Leighann said...

You know, I was wondering why Tuesday's Word Game comment count was down.... now we know. Doc was SLACKING!

Way to catch him in the act Vin!

The Mountain Cat said...

WNG, You missed a lot of fun. Where is your office?

Leighann, Doc took the afternoon off. I think he went to the All-Star Parade in Charlotte....oh wait they do not have an All-Star Parade in Charlotte. I forgot!

Leighann said...

How dare he take an afternoon off?!

Oh well, his loss I guess. I brought Landshark and Corona, we'll get drunk without him.

Knight? Dana? Got the supplies?

Karen said...

Lieghann, don't leave me out of the party!

I cannot wait to see the gallery when I get home.

WomensDaily said...

I'm jealous. I couldn't find anyone to go with me so I ended up not going.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time!! and DOC? You sure that is not you??

happy WED~

Dianne said...

Wait, I'm confused! I'm relatively new here. Doc is dating a ball player!? So the cozy family life is his undercover persona!?


You had a great spot Mt. Cat!! I went thru the slideshow twice trying to see how many I could name. I practically teared up when I say Yogi! and Cal and oh my Jeter

Nobody does it better than NY!

thanks for sharing.

Doc said...


Hey it's not me I promise...