Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesday Word Game Winner

Thanks to everyone who participated in Tuesday Word Game yesterday! We had some really good entries and good ideas for the Running of.... I found one however very topical and funny and decided this weeks Peach award should go to Jennifer who writes several blogs including Dust Bunny hostage (give it a read sometime). She submitted the following great idea for a festival:

Another festivals using the same theme is the Running of the Mommy Bloggers, in which each Mom tries to out poop story, out hubby rant, and out tag each other toward the Goal of the Ultimate Award Button, to be passed on to all the unfortunate losers of the race.Hey! I think I am running that race right now! And it is FU-UN!

Hilarious and true !!Thanks for the great entry and here is your Peach :

Congrats again Jennifer! We will play word game again next Tuesday !



Dianne said...

Congrats Jennifer!

The Mountain Cat said...

Jennifer, welcome to the madness! Congrats.

KaritaG said...

OMG, as a blogger who has many bloggy friends who have only recently converted to mommy blogging, this made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! So true and funny. Congratulations Jennifer!

Micky-T said...

Congrats to the Mommy Bloggy Jennifer

Jay said...

Yes! That was the best one. OH those mommy bloggers! I could say so much, but I won't. haha ;-)

jennifer said...

I was sitting at the kitchen counter where the computer currently resides. My kiddo was in the kitchen making her OWN breakfast (grilled cheese... there is the Dairy food group, the bread food group, and the butter food group there). I began yelling like I am the 11 year old "I GOT THE PEACH! I GOT THE PEACH! *wild laughter here* I GOT THE PEACH!"

I scared her so bad she dropped her spatula and said "You got WHAT?"

I have coveted the peach, everytime I have seen it in the sidebar of very clever and "quippy" bloggers. We have a Peach like that in Clanton AL (I posted a toilet from the Peach Park Monday) so this is near and dear to my heart!!!

Thanks SO much, from Jen, member of the Mommy Bloggers Club AND Ridiculously LONG Comments Club.

And the peach is goin' in the Sidebar, right up top!

jennifer said...

Howdy..finally did a link post. I have been by here probably 4 different times today. I had to show the Little Man, Our Kids, Look at it again myself....

Thanks again. Through stalking for the day.


Doc said...

You are more than welcome Jennifer... We are glad that you stopped by our little bloggy thing!