Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dancing with the Stars--Week 9

It's the Semi-Finals!!! I'm sure you are all excited for different reasons. I am excited because that means the best dances are coming up. I know some of you (Doc) are excited because that means this will all be over next week. Whichever camp you sit in, I encourage you to watch the finals next Monday night.

This week the dances were chosen at random (yeah, right). It's supposed to look that way, but it did seem quite contrived in how the dances matched up with the Stars.

Jason drew the Foxtrot and Pas a Doble. The Foxtrot was his first dance from week one and he has improved greatly. I don't know what his problem from the past 2 weeks was, but it didn't follow him tonight. He had much better content and his steps were confident and fluid.

I know that Marissa must have a huge fan base that is keeping her in the running but I don't think she belongs in the finals. She just doesn't have the special something that the other dancers have. The Quickstep was fairly good but the Rumba lacked passion. I agree with Carrie Ann in that it lacked excitement and that is what you need at this stage.

Two weeks ago I said that Cristian should have bowed out because of his arm injury. I was wrong. He has really rallied against that and has become a great dancers. Tonight he got the chance to redo the Viennese Waltz and Samba and show everyone that his arm is not an obstacle to great dancing. He's definately doing better than Heather Mills on her wooden leg!

Kristi has reclaimed her spot at the top. She came out with the Tango that showed a lot of emotion. I have to agree with Len though on that it seemed hectic at times. She finished out the night with the Jive which was fun but I felt there was something missing. The judges said it was very difficult choreography and it could have been the timing as Carrie Ann pointed out. I'm not sure, it was just not as good as the previous Jive.

Again for this week, I pick Marissa to leave. I would be very disappointed to see any of the others go. The Finals should be quite a showdown. I'm looking forward to it!

-As American as Apple Pie


Karen said...

I missed the end of the show because TIVO decided an episode of House was more important than the last half hour of the DWTS.

TIVO and I aren't speaking right now, but I am going to trying to catch the dances on youtube.

Lu' said...

Thanks for the update aaaaPie. I missed it. I chose to watch Bones, great show.

Doc said...

Did ya'll hear that David Archuleta's dad got the boot from the Idol producers??

HA HA !!!

As American as Apple Pie said...

Karen--that sucks! THe last dances were good. I much prefer the Latin to the Ballroom.

Lu--My pleasure. Never seen Bones. We probably don't get it w/o cable.


Jay said...

Definitely time for Marissa to go. She's fun and seems nice and has worked hard, but she is nowhere near as good at the others in the final four.

ZenDenizen said...

Cristian is just smokin'!