Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Random Thoughts 3/20

Stuff I have been thinking about:

-I had a BLT for lunch the other day. Man was it good! I had forgotten just how much I like those.

-Next week while I am on vacation the family and I are going to be driving by "The Peach." You know the water tower that I use for my weekly award? Well I am planning on stopping (weather permitting) and taking a few pictures and maybe change up the award a little bit. I have a few ideas, so stay tuned. (Aren't you just on the edge of your seat now!! - LOL)

-Don't look now (and I know that football season is months off) but my Carolina Panthers have made some interesting moves and things are looking good for 2008!

-I heard on the radio recently that the term 'nerd' was first penned by Dr. Suess. Interesting

-An update on the story from last week where the lady was stuck to the toilet seat after being in a bathroom for two years. The boyfriend has been charged with mistreatment of a dependent adult for letting her sit there for so long and not doing anything. Oh and MickyT if you read the article it answers the big question that you had about the logistics of how she was "stuck."

-Interesting search note of the week. The 3 most visited pages on our blog (other than the front page) by non regular readers who use search engines to find us: #3 Top 10 rejected Campaign slogans, #2 Top 10 rejected Cereal names and the #1 (by a wide margin) The Lion Kissing video. We get multiple searches every day for that silly ass video... LOL!

-My wife makes the most fantastic corned beef and potatoes for St. Patty's day. They were awesome!... We skip the cabbage though.

-I wonder if the value of my college degree just went up now that my alma mater Lenoir-Rhyne College is officially going to become a University? I sure hope so because I wouldn't want to have wasted four years of blood, sweat, and beers, errr tears.

-Oh man I really hope that I get to go fishing when we are in Panama City Beach next week. It's been like six months since I got to go real fishing... but I am not getting my hopes up.

-The NCAA tourney starts today. If I had to bet I would say that North Carolina is the best team out there but they have a pretty tough road to get to the final four. I am not a tar heel fan but I will root for all the ACC teams.

-Nothing in the news freaks me out more than the stories about people who had the wrong surgery done on them when they were under anesthesia... Yikes !!!

-If you have never tried french fries dipped in ranch dressing you really should... they are fantastic. (OK now my mouth is watering)

-You know what I think would be hilarious? If Eliot Spitzer would choose to do commercials now that his political career is pretty much over. Can't you just see him riding up on a motorcycle singing "Viva Viagra" ?



Lu' said...

Spitzer says, as spokes person for Rappala "I took a bite of the Big Apple" while walking past a store advertising fishing lures and the add reads HOOKERS.

Dana said...

Oh Doc, are you going to climp the peach??

Micky-T said...

Way looking forward to new Peach Views, in the pic you have on your sidebar, I swear it's a peach hemroid sticking out.
Peach Butt Breath Haaa Haaa

Micky-T said...

To imagine what would fill the mind of someone stuck to a toilet seat day after day is as big a waste of time as it is to type this comment about it!

Jay said...

I'm taking UNC in the tournament too. I actually like them. They're the only ACC school I like.

Of course I'm rooting for Arkansas first though. But, they'll get things over with quickly and lose to Indiana.

Micky-T said...

Doc why wouldn't you get to go fishing on your vacation. Maybe a half day charter, or do you have a buddy with a boat?

Doc said...

LOL @ Lu !

Dana... No I was thinking more along the lines of posing in a picture with it in the background. (and NO not for HNT)

MickyT - I think there is a 'roid reference in your second comment too.

Jay... I think Arkansas wins that game!

Doc said...

It's the time factor mickyt... BTW - I need to come up and fish off your boat sometime.

The Mountain Cat said...

BLT? Bosco, Lettuce and Tomato?

Micky-T said...

Some pretty big catfish in this river! Come on over, set on down in that Mahogany fighting chair and I'll pass you the Southpaw Preimium Beers!

Doc said...

Micky you are speaking my language !!

Anonymous said...

Fries dipped in mayo...yum! Fries dipped in mayo and ketchup...yum-my! I don't know about fries dipped in ranch dressing, though...but I'll try anything once! Green eggs 'n ham!

...and BLT's are the bomb - when made right!

(Can you tell I have food on the brain???)


Jahooni said...

i love blt's! Think I might have one for lunch. Nope, nevermind. I am going to Mexico next month and I would rather not be the whale on the beach. Thanks for making me want something i can't have!!!!

You should try to go fishing. I love to fish. It is one thing that truly relaxes me until of course I get a bite and then... well ya know.

Doc said...

LeapO - Go eat lunch !!

Jahooni - nice to see you... You can have a blt - just one though

Karen said...

I filled out my NCAA grids yesterday. I took Villanova in one and Gonzaga in one - but honestly think niether will win. I just needed something to cheer for. I like Kansas.

And a few years ago - like almost 10 now - Montclair State became Montclair University. For a nominal fee they offered a re-did diploma to all alum. You have to get on that. Nothing impresses the masses like the word "University", I guess.

Bina said...

Okay, and just where is this peach located? And hey, I LOVE Panama City Beach. My husband and I always stay at the Sun Spree. I'm hoping we are going again this year!

How do you KNOW who is searching, and who has found your web site? I wonder if you would be willing to share that little tidbit with me? Please???

And Good Lord, do that just HAVE to keep interviewing Mr. Whipple? Can you imagine the crap (get it) he is taking at his office?? LOL

As American as Apple Pie said...

Anything dipped in ranch dressing is uber-yummy! :p

BLTs are ok, not my first choice. I also make an awesome corned beef and potatoes. However, being the self-respecting Irishwoman that I am, I always have cabbage! YUM!

Doc said...

Karen - Please tell me that you didn't pick Gonzaga to win the whole thing... Davidson may beat them in the first game :o

Bina - The peach is located in Gaffney SC, Google it sometime - LOL and you are too funny about Mr. Whipple... but if you want to know about how get stats on your blog hits e-mail me @ docnolz at yahoo dot com - it too complicated to go into here - I will tell you though

Apple - your over use of the word "uber" frustrates me - Cabbage that is cooked = BLECH!!

Karen said...

I did. I picked Gonzaga to win the whole thing in one. And Nova in another. My brother's best friend and my bookie (separte) people both went to Gonzaga and I enjoy rooting for them. And I don't really have a bookie, Big Brother who montiors the blog world. That was joke. :)

As American as Apple Pie said...

What do you mean my overuse of the word uber? I only did it once!

Hot cabbage with melted butter and salt...MMmmmmm!

Doc said...


Apple - That was just a pre-emptive strike on the uber thing... I have heard you use it before... and I can think of many many things I love to eat but that isn't one of them

(I think that came out wrong)

CarmenSinCity said...

I love fries dipped in ranch. I also love dipping my fries in gravy. YUMMMM!

Bina said...

Okay, I sent you an email!

And have fun on your vacation!

Becky said...

Tonight I had a grilled cheese sammich, and damn, it was tasty.

Jeff B said...

Vacation...Hmmm, let's see...I know I've heard that word before. I just can't remember what the hell it means anymore...

random moments said...

High five. Cabbage is BLEH. Great, now I can actually SMELL IT.

How about a BLC? Bacon, lettuce and cheese. Tomatoes make nose hair grow faster. Not really.

I had to read the toilet woman story twice, it was so absurd. How does that happen?? Do you just go in the bathroom one day and say "I don't think I'll get up from here"???