Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday Random Thoughts 2/14

Stuff I have been thinking about this past week:

- Happy Valentines Day Everybody!- I was wondering the other day if elementary school kids still give out those Valentine Day cards or if the P.C. police have banned those too?

- Ok, so I have had the stomach flu and then the resperatory flu both within the past 9 days. I think that I have met my "sick quota" for the year.

-Who even knew that Paris and Nikki Hilton had a little brother? Well they do and that apple doesn't fall far from the tree either. This youngster named Barron was arrested the other day for DUI. Driving over twice the legal limit and almost hitting a filling station attendant. And this punk isn't even 20 years old yet. I bet we soon get to hear about everything having to do with this nimrod's life too. Oh joy.

-I heard on the radio that Angelina Jolie's Oscar statue for Best Supporting Actress is missing. She gave it to her mother years ago and once her mother passed away no one has been able to find it. Somone out there has a heck of a piece of memorabelia.

-Not only has Barack Obama won eight in a row in terms of the Democratis primaries and ast weeks poll on this blog but he also won a Grammy on Sunday. No joke... he did. Nothing can stop this guy he is on a roll.

-Why on earth does John Rocker continue to pop up from time to time? This oxygen thief just won't go away. So it's no surprise to me that he wants to inject himself into this steroids debate. (no pun intended)

-On Monday the temperature in International Falls Minnesota was at -40. Thats 40 degrees below zero. No wind chill that was the actual temperature. THAT is cold folks.

-If you haven't heard about this story about a guy attacking and stabbing a psychologist to death in her New York office then please read it... It will scare the heck out of you. Be viligent there is danger out there kiddies. Wow.

-I tried that new Wendy's Fish Sandwich they are advertizing all over the place. (including this blog) You know the one they claim is made from 100% "North Pacific Cod" ? Well I think they are lying because I swear it tastes more like South Atlantic Mahi-Mahi to me.

- I can't stand either Tony Stewart or Kurt Busch however I would have paid good money to watch Tony punch the crap out of Kurt inside the NASCAR officials trailer the other night. It's too bad there is no video of that!

-In my customer follow up list on Tuesday I had an actual customer named "Bute Flosse" - No kidding. I wonder is his/her friends call him/her "Thong" as a nickname?

-I heard yesterday that Gary Coleman (who is now 40) claims that he was a virgin when he got married (to a girl half his age but twice his height) about six months ago.... Yeah Riiiight. Anyone else believeing that? Well if it is true maybe his life was the real basis for the movie 40 year old virgin.

-I had an old manager years ago who claimed that the group "Creed" was the best band ever and would go down with the greats like the Beatles and Zeppelin. How did that work out for him? Come to think of it this was the same guy who claimed that Richie Sambora was the best guitarist dead or alive (no pun intended) because he could make his guitar "talk". I actually laughed out loud at this and tried to explain to him what it was. One time he was even over at my old house for a party and a co-worker and I played him Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani, Jimmy Page, Eric Johnson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and even Peter Frampton (who used a voice box long before Richie Sambora did) as multiple examples of better guitarists. He wouldn't listen. I wonder what ever happened to that guy.

-So how would you like to be one of Roger Clemens' kids? Both of your parents shooting up roids. I bet there was some rage going on in that house. "You didn't do your HOMEWORK????... GRRRAAAHHHHHHH! "



Dana said...

Valentine cards still exhist in elementary school, the PC police have only mandated that EVERY child be given one. You can't pick and choose who you like and who you don't like because we all know that life is always fair and everyone loves each other.

I heard the Wendy's fish sandwich was Tuna safe Dolphin!

Christine said...

You tell him Doc. I love Stevie Ray!

My son is in the 5th grade and now they package candies for Valentine's Day that you can write "to" and "from." Gonna be a lott'o hyper kids in school today!

The Mountain Cat said...

There is no greater guitarist than Nigel Tufnel. Rock n' Roll!

Anndi said...

Happy Valentine's to my favourite Doc-with-a-cute-eadible-cheeked-baby-boy!

My Chicklet wrote out cards for every one of her classmates just because she's sweet like that, they all get candy too. Someday she'll run for Queen or something.

Are they testing NASCAR rides for performance enhancing drugs?

Jay said...

The PC police teamed up with the God Patrol to end Valentine's cards in grade school here. The PC Police wanted the kids to have to give EVERYBODY a little valentine so nobody would get left out and the God Patrol said nobody should be allowed to give a Valentine to anyone of the same sex cause if they did they'd catch the gay. So they cancelled the whole thing. Which works out for the best I think. ;-)

Doc said...

Dana - The only way I got valentines when I was in grade school was that mandate that everyone had to get one...Oh and BTW that Wendy's fish sandwich thing tastes like poo so don't bother. trust me

Christine - Kiddies + suger + school = problems

Anndi said...

LOL at Jay and the God Patrol!

Doc said...

Mt Cat - Turn that amp to 11

Anndi - Thank you for the edible cheek thing and Yes right now in Daytona all the cars are being asked to pee in a cup.

Jay - You would think that in the Wal-Mart controlled state of Arkansas that they would want to sell as damn many of those valentines cards as possible... hmmmmm but the God Patrol is powerful though.

The Mountain Cat said...

North Pacific Cod is almost as tasty as Hawaiian Skate Skillet.

Doc said...

North Pacific Cod tastes like goodyear radials if you ask me.

Micky-T said...

I never knew the Cod hung out in the North Pacific. Distant relation I guess to the original "North Atlantic Cod"
You know, Cape Cod, The Schooner "Bluenose" from Nova Scotia fishing off The Grand Banks.
Who the hell knows about these.....
Pacific Cod?

Leighann said...

I had to giggle at that last one, I don't even do roids and I have roid rage!

The Mama Bear said...

"I can't stand either Tony Stewart or Kurt Busch however I would have paid good money to watch Tony punch the crap out of Kurt inside the NASCAR officials trailer the other night. It's too bad there is no video of that!"

As a racing fan I am upset I missed this, but I was on the shopping trip from hell with my FIL.

You do think about some strange things sir.

Bunkie said...

About 2 years ago, I went to Minnesota for training for 3 days. My company had some parking garages there, and every space had a cord so employees could plug in their cars when it got really cold. The waiting list for those spaces has over 400 people on it!

I hate the fact that Peter Frampton has been reduced to a Geico commercial.

Anndi - I think some drivers in NASCAR could use some personality enhancing drugs.

Doc said...

Micky - don't ask me - I didn't make it up.

Leighann - That doesn't surprise me one bit... *swat* you missed me!

Penelope - Just trying to give ya'll a peek behind the curtain.

Bunkie - Plug in their cars? Yeesh!

Do you feel like we dooooooo - LOL!

and who pray tell needs enhancing?

Casdok said...

Happy Valentines day!! :)

Anndi said...

Doc: I'd smack any hockey player who peed in the Stanley Cup.. They're having the cars pee in the Winston Cup????

Bunkie: what Doc said... who?

Leighann said...

A swing and a miss?? I think not! My reflexes and aim are SPOT ON my friend! You better run!

Doc said...

Casdok - Thank you !!

Anndi - No silly not the Winston Cup - The Sprint Cup... They all chase to pee in it... *rollseyes* LOL

Leighann - Yeah... Right! But I think I will still run anyway!

Patrick's Mo said...

I'm home with an adorable Valentine today. As a 5th Grade teacher I do not promote the Valentine's for a few reasons:
1. Kids are left out.
2. They know and act on more things than many people are aware of and it scares the crap out of me. For example....never mind it's too disturbing for me to remember.
Most importantly: I would rather have my hubby do something for me on any other day of the year because he wants to rather than to do something today because he is feeling the commercial peer pressure. However, I still am looking forward to dinner with him and the munchkin tonight.

Leighann said...

I'm not above using my bra as a sling shot, can you run and duck at the same time?!

Doc said...

Patrick's mom - I am looking forward to diner 50's style too!

Leighann - Quit chasing me with a sling shot... I give up - I GIVE UP!!!!

Becky said...

Happy VDay, yo.

Anndi said...

Well then that make perfect sense... (wouldn't want to contradict you and end up like the psychologist)

Karen said...

They still do the cards at the school where my sister teaches. Um, Clemens is SUCH a liar. I understand about getting yourself so into the lie that you can't get out, but come on! I never thought I'd have so much respect for Andy Pettite.

Doc said...

Thank you Becky... Same to you... yo!

Anndi...that is bad but you are too funny! Oh and it's Mt. Cat with the anger that you need to worry about... Shhhhhhh don't tell anyone ;-)

Leighann said...

Ah, submission. I love it! :)

Anndi said...

Thanks for the heads up... think he'd like a nice necklace with a bell on it as an offering for Valentine's Day? ;)

Doc said...

Don't mention it Leighann....

Anndi - sounds like a perfect (or should I say purr-fect)gift for a cat like him... or just quote some more movie lines with him... that seems to be the way you got to him before... :p

Doc said...

Karen - IMHO Andy Pettite doesn't come out of this smelling like roses either... But at least he isn't willing to set himself up to purjury before congress

Anonymous said...

So Doc it was you that is passing this sickness across the Blog Community? LOL!! I sure did not know paris had a brother!! Yay for the court system!!!!!

Barack got it going on.. Nice Rambles, I ramble so much I cannot give myself a set date for it!!



ZenDenizen said...

Steve Vai's not bad either. If Barack could play guitar the way Clinton played Saxophone, he'd have it in the bag!

Tink said...

That's great that Wendy's wants to advertise that their fish sandwich is 100% North Pacific Cod... But what I want to know is what the hell was it before??