Friday, January 18, 2008

Weekly Odd News Roundup 1/18

Hitting the high notes:
-First some sad news, The founder of the company that brought us the hula-hoop and the Frisbee passed away this week.
-According to this article you now know who to blame if you get Syphilis. Blame Christopher Columbus, it's all his fault. But you better not try and tell that to Tony Soprano's gang, they don't like ole Chris' reputation tarnished.
-NORRISTOWN, Pa. - A man who mailed a bloody cow's head to his wife's lover has been sentenced to probation and community service. Jason Michael Fife "understands that in a civilized society a person cannot send a severed cow's head to anybody," said his defense lawyer, Henry Hilles. "My client did step over the line here, but one can certainly understand his frustration, given that the victim was carrying on an affair with my client's wife," Hilles said.Well that pretty much sums it up. I feel safer don't you? YIKES !!
-This story will scare the hell out of you. A construction worker claimed that when he went to a hospital after being hit on the forehead by a falling wooden beam, emergency room staffers forcibly gave him a rectal examination. And this was NY Presbyterian hospital. It appears that this guy REALLY didn't want the exam and ended up assaulting the doctor. It's going to court as a lawsuit. How would you like to be on that jury? If there is something worse than a "forced rectal examination" I certainly can't think of what it is.



DirkStar said...

What a bunch of bull.

Get it, bull?

Sorry, I'll go back to my room now.

The orderly is ready to give me my shot anyway...

Penelope Anne said...

Funny, too funny....frighteningly funny....sad if true.

Penelope Anne said...

Dang they are true --- YEah severed cow's head is not the way to send any message.
Bucket of Pig's blood now maybe.

The Mountain Cat said...

He took it in the icehole.

Jahooni said...

I love the hula hoop. I shall remember this day for the rest of my life.

Did they find the rest of the cow? Are body parts still missing?

No comment on the other. Ouch.

The Mountain Cat said...

Rent the film 'The Hudsucker Proxy' where Tim Robbins invents the hula-hoop. Very funny movie.