Friday, January 18, 2008

Things bouncing around this head of mine: 1/18

- I just heard on the news that Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby is going to have a baby! Wow!
- For those of you that eat lunch daily in Manhattan, what exactly is in the white sauce?
- When is the last day in the year to stop telling people ‘Happy New Year’? I usually stop saying it on Halloween. Is that too late?
- Am I one of only two people that found Monica Lewinsky hot?
- I just don’t understand chopsticks what so ever. They have shovels in Asian countries right? You’d figure that someone out of 2 billion people would have put two and two together. (oh wow, a pun).
- I recently bought Howie Mandel’s old hair on eBay.
- Howie Mandel recently bought MY old hair on eBay.
- I still believe that Andrew Ridgley was the most talented member of Wham!
- My favorite episode of 'Three’s Company' is the one where there was a misunderstanding. That one episode was so great.
- Speaking of ’70 sitcoms, remember the show 'One Day at a Time'? Most men fantasized about Valerie Bertinelli or McKenzie Phillips. No, not me. I wanted Bonnie Franklin to be my mommy.
- I told Donald Trump the other day that I hate people who name drop. They are just like soooo insecure.
- Why can’t I find Bartleys & James anymore?
- Has anyone been in the Paris Hilton? They have a great continental breakfast.
- I am now a practicing Ren Buddhist. I pray to Stimpy.
- Which is more violent: a melee, a donnybrook or a brouhaha?
- People who shovel cement with pitchforks for a living are called Mortar Forkers.
- I heard Randy Johnson got a vasectomy in the off season and will now be called ‘The Big Eunuch’
- Michael Jackson’s new album will probably come out later in 2008. It is tentatively titled ‘Translucent’.
- I just read the Jewish introspective book ‘Matzo Soup for the Colon’.
- Speaking of food, I invented a new delicacy. Pickled Venison. I am calling it Dill Doe.
- Man I think those Thumb movies are sheer genius.
- I use cotton candy as a dust broom.
- My doctor says I suffer from Attention Defici…oh look balloons!

The Mountain Cat


Dana said...

Speaking of food, I invented a new delicacy. Pickled Venison. I am calling it Dill Doe.

For some silly reason this one really made me giggle this morning!

The Mountain Cat said...

Thank you Dana! It goes well with corn on the cob too.

Doc said...

Only from the mind of the Mountain Cat....

Good work Vin !!

The Mountain Cat said...

I want all my questions answered!

Doc said...

Well first of all its Bartles and Jaymes.... and I saw them just last week. They said "Thank you for your support"

The Mountain Cat said...

That is what I tell people who read this website.

Karen said...

I am also interested in the Happy New Year question. We discussed that exact topic over dinner last night. Of course, we came up with no real answer.

The Mountain Cat said...

Karen, I will stop saying 'Happy New Year' all together every year. When someone says 'Happy New Year' to me, I will reply 'Yes, you too'.
Problem solved. LOL

Leighann said...

Dill Doe


and Happy New Year!

Matt-Man said...

White sauce is the ejaculatory discharge from Pat Boone. Cheers!!

Christine (vince's sister) said...

I believe the statute of limitations on Happy New Year is midnight, December 31st. I however, do extend it through the month of January. Then it's back to, "Hi, how are you?" and "Have a nice day."

The Mountain Cat said...

2000 zero zero party over oop out of time.

DirkStar said...

So, slow day huh?

The Mountain Cat said...

'Ren Stimpy Cat Hairballs'. Ahh funny.

Real Live Lesbian said...

"Why can’t I find Bartleys & James anymore?"

Me neither!!!! God, I miss a good wine cooler!

It's so refreshing with a good dill doe!

Jay said...

"- Am I one of only two people that found Monica Lewinsky hot?"

Yup .. just you and Bill.

You can make wine coolers pretty easily. Just go to Martha Stewart's website and search for the recipe. I think it's just some MD 20/20 white wine and Fresca or something like that.

DirkStar said...

My favorite whine cooler?

"Just shut up, get in the kitchen and make me some dinner, woman."

Jahooni said...

Okay, I don't know which is funnier. The post itself or all these comments. These were great thought TMC.

I think the end of January is the cut off for "Happy New Year", I really don't want my hubby saying Happy Valentine's Day and Happy New Year together!

And we don't get white sauce here. The first time I tried it was in PA several years ago. I loved it. But after Matt-Man's comment, maybe I'll pass next time.

The Mountain Cat said...

Thank you Jahooooooni!
Yeah Matt-Man you scare me too. What would Freud think of you? LOL

Jahooni said...

TMC- I like how you say my name. Jahooooni!
Say my name... say my name... isn't that a song?

The Mountain Cat said...

Is Jahooni a Jamacian name?
'Yo light me anotha Jahooni Mon'.
hee hee

Jahooni said...

jahooni is a nickname my sister gave to me when she moved to another country 5 years ago. My name starts with a J, go figure?

leapofaith said...

TMC - check it out...! "Thank you for 20 years of your support"

leapofaith said...

Bartles & Jaymes RETURN!