Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday Random Thoughts 1/17

Stuff I have been thinking about recently:

-I was wondering the other day if the origin of the rap "beef" goes back to the inter-music feud between the Van Zandts and Neil Young in Sweet Home Alabama ? Was this the first calling out in music? Did this fued inspire rappers to call each other out in their music? And did this in any way contribute to the deaths of Tupac and Biggie ?

-Goody's Powders are hands down the best non-prescription headache reliever EVER !!

-It's snowing here today which is really cool because it doesn't snow very often in Charlotte, NC.

-I found out this week that my Alma mater Lenoir-Rhyne College is considering becoming a university. What exactly would that change be? What the heck is the difference between a college and a university. Is there something there I am not getting?

-Am I the only one who doesn't have some sort of music for my cellphone ring tone? All I have is a boring "Ring-Ring" like an old rotary dial phone. It's my "retro" rebellion.

-$243,898 in assets and $180 million in liabilities. Who is that? Mike Nifong thats who. He filed for bankruptcy on January 15th. He deserves any punishment that gets handed down to him.

-I know that I was one of the last people to start paying my bills online but now that I have it sure was nice not to have to worry about writing checks for those annual life insurance premiums I usually forget about in January.

-I have been doing some thinking on this. Give a listen to Shakira and then Tracy Chapman their voices sound eerily the same don't you think? You don't think so? Listen again.

-Don't feel bad laughing at some of the American Idol reject singers. I heard a radio interview yesterday with the "Go down Moses, Let my people Go" singer. He said he was intentionally singing bad to get on TV because he is an actor and he wanted to get his face out there. He doesn't have a disability like someone I was watching the show with thought.

- I am actually very surprised that I really enjoy the music that I have heard off Fergie's album "The Duchess." I don't really care for the Black Eyed Peas but this album is good. Now am I the only one who thinks that Fergie's song Clumsy sounds like the beat track came straight from a Casio keyboard circa the 1980's ??

-I had a dead battery the other day and I wanted to again thank the nice lady whose name I don't know who let me borrow her battery for a jump so I didn't have to call AAA.

-Does anyone else LOVE the taste of Red Lobster's cheddar bay biscuits ??

-Tomorrow is the birthday of someone very special to me... It's the birthday of the best wife and mother I know of. I love you Sweetie and I hope you have a great birthday.



Penelope Anne said...

YOu know, you should join Thursday Thirteen with these Random thoughts....just saying.
Yes, I love Red Lobster's biscuits and even though I can make something close at home it isn't the same.
Shakira & Tracy Chapman....must explore this connection more, was a serious Tracy Chapman fan in my college days. Why I know not, her and Terence Trent D'Arby.
You like Fergie??????? Is it only the music? I can tolerate it for my daughter's sake.
Great random Thursday Thirteen is up.

The Mountain Cat said...

I just love the way Tracy Chapman shakes her hips!!

Happy birthday Mel!

Matt-Man said...

I LOVE the Cheddar Bay Biscuits, not to mention the crab stuffed flounder. Happy Birthday to your mom. But calling her "sweetie" kinda gave me the creeps. Cheers!!

JerseyTjej said...

I hate cheese but i sure miss Red Lobster! Universitys give out more than one level of degree, masters and docterate included. I love Shakira and just repurchased TC's first album on cd cause I only have vinal and cassette, lol!

Jay said...

I think I could eat like a hundred of those biscuits from Red Lobster.

Your Alma-mater is probably become a "University" so they can have a D-1 football team.

Happy Birthday to the misses!

The Mountain Cat said...

Damn, I am hungry now. I have to go to the Red Lobster in Time Square this weekend to try those biscuits. They have a large rotating Lobster out front!

Karen said...

I remember a few years ago - Montclair State, here in NJ changed from a college to university. At the time I was an adjunct there and my pay increased significantly - as did the tuition. Those are the only changes I noticed.
I also I love the biscuits - yummy!

The Mountain Cat said...

Karen, do you live in Montclair? I heard there was a petition to change Montclair State to Yogi Berra University. Is that true?

DirkStar said...

Red Lobster is the McDonalds of seafood...

Give me Bonefish Grill any day.

Cheddar Bay Biscuits, gross!

Cait said...

A college doesn't offer graduate-level degrees; a university does.


Doc said...

Penelope - You do need to check out the Shakira and Tracy Chapman thing

Matt-Man - No matter what you can always make me laugh!!!!

Jersey - TC vinyl is old schoole !

Jay - I doubt they want to go D-1 - We got beat by Appalachain State this year too.

Jahooni said...

I have to agree with dirkstar on the Red Lobster thingy. I love love seafood and i love love to spend money on the good stuff. King's Fish House, greatest oysters. Rusty Pelican in Newport Beach, best Mahi Mahi ever. Chart House, best surf & turf. Go to Cabo and have the best lobster at, oh shucks... I am having a brain fart. Plus I can make the same bisquits at home but okay they are pretty tasty at Red Lobster.

That was a joke about the University-College comment, right?

Ringtones-I have this little guy that sounds asian on my phone, saying "Hello .. Hello, this is your friend calling... hello where are you? Are you there? Hello... pick up. Why aren't you picking up, Hello..." and on and on. I guess it is only funny if you hear it. It is super funny. But retro is good. Just think, in a couple years it will be back in again and you'll be cool again.

Happy Birthday to the your Lady!

Doc said...

Karen -Yep the ceddar bays seem to be a big hit!

Dirkstar - I figured someone whould hate them sooner or later

cait - It has to be something other than that becuse L-R already has advance degrees - Masters in education I know for sure and my dad has his doctorate from there in Divinity

Jahooni said...

Oops, I had a typo!

happy birthday to your wifey!
And many many more!

Doc said...

Jahooni - Those all sound like great seafood places and all I said was I like the cheddar bay biscuits at red lobster - There is good seafood lots of places... and no problem on the typo. Yes it's my wife's birthday tommorrow.

And before anyone asks - Yes Patrick and I got her something really nice... ;)

Betty said...

Maybe they'll get more Federal Funding as a University as opposed to a College. Just guessing.

Bunkie said...

1) I think universities have a collection of colleges, such as business college.

2) Those biscuits are addictive! But easy to make at home.

3) They just started selling Goody's Powders in stores up here, so I may get some orange flavored.

4) Tell Melissa I said "Happy birthday!!!"

Patrick's Mom said...

Bunkie!!!!!!! How are you?
Everyone- Thanks for all of the well wishes! I plan on working and then coming home to a quiet, cozy evening with my two favorite men.

DirkStar said...

Hey, it just dawned on me that there is a serious answer to your rap beef question.

The answer is no, the Neil Young versus Van Zantdts song feud was not the first.

There was a fire in a very famous hotel. It was quite popular with the rockers of its day.

It caught fire and burnt to the ground in a spectacular blaze.

Two bands known for their excessive partying were in the hotel at the same time and it was never proven exactly who started the fire.

Each band wrote a song about the event, Deep Purple sang,"Frank Zappa and the Mothers, they had the best place in town, til some stupid with a blow torch..."

That's right, "Smoke on the Water" is a true story...

Frank Zappa dedicated an entire album side to the story of "The Edge Water Inn fire." on the Mother's of Invention "White" Album. (Live at the Fillmore.)

The very last concert ever performed at the Fillmore...

DirkStar said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday to the missus.