Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Random thoughts 1/10

Just some things running around in my head:

-Sirius satellite radio rocks but recently I have been getting a lot of satellite interference with the signal. No matter how I move the receptor I still get interference. VERY Annoying!

- My son turned seven months old on Sunday 1/6. He also said his first word. Da-Da! He has started to master saying it this week and now he yells DA-DA all the time. I love that kid!

- I heard on the radio the other day that there is a new book coming out that contends that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' daughter Surri is not his biological child but was actually conceived by a sperm donation from L. Ron Hubbard the deceased founder of Scientology. While probably not true it sure is funny as heck. Whoever wrote that book sure gets some credit in my book for originality.

- I read the other day that Amy Fisher the Long Island Lolita and her formerly estranged husband are coming out with a sex tape because "I always wanted to be No. 1 at something." Didn't your 15 minutes run out a long long time ago?

-The woman who asked Hillary Clinton the question that made her become emotional in New Hampshire earlier this week says that she still voted for Barak Obama because Hillary switched back to "politician" too quick after crying.

- Since Michael Vick's crime was committed against dogs then why shouldn't his sentence be carried out in dog years?

- Speaking of Michael Vick, it looks like he has entered drug rehab and may wiggle out of prison earlier than first thought.

- Since we are on sports I hope that some team (ANY team) can beat the New England Patriots so they don't win the Super Bowl. Hopefully they become an afterthought instead of a juggernaut.

- I am really looking forward to NASCAR season starting again soon.

- I read where American Idol winner Taylor Hicks lost his record deal. This is just further proof to what I have been saying for almost two years that Chris Daughtry was/is the TRUE American Idol.

- What would you have paid to be a fly on the wall when Dr. Phil came busting in to Brittney Spears hotel room and tried to counsel her? HA! I be the tirade that she went into would rival any tirade that Tommy Lasorda ever had.

- It's about this time every year that I see the little Girl Scouts with their fliers selling cookies and I remember just exactly how much I love the thin mint cookies. I don't eat a lot of sweets but I can eat those things by the sleeve.



ZenDenizen said...

Thin Mints are good but those chocolate caramel coconut sprinkled things are evil.

Dana said...

Only 37 days 'till Daytona ... not that I'm counting or anything ...

I buy only two kinds of GS cookies - Thin Mints and Trefoils - and I buy LOTS of them.

The AbsolutGator said...

Doc, my little darling of a daughter has gotten me to bring her order form to work today. How many boxes of thin mints you want me to put you down for?

And yes, zendenizen, the Samoas are evil...but so damn good.

Hammer said...

I like the peanut butter ones.

I think it's funny that the person voted for barak. Even people of her own party see her for what she is.

Matt-Man said...

Taylor Hicks needs dirt sleep. Cheers!!

Leighann said...

I want to do wicked bad things to Chris Daughtry, don't hold it against me!

Doc said...

Zendenizen - I don't think I have ever tried those. Maybe I should.

Dana - The more I read from you the more you sound like someone who would be cool to hang out with. (you aren't a Tony Stewart fan are you?)

Absolut - She got you selling them for her? SUCKER !!!! HA HA! - Oh btw - I already have several boxes on order.

Hammer - Count me as one of those in her party that see righ through her. She doesn't even do phony well. I lifted that line from Dana

Matt-Mann - Yep the "Soul Patrol" seems to be on it's last mission.

Leighann - I'll give him a call for you and see what I can arrange.

The Mountain Cat said...

Damn, I didn't release my sex tape with Amy Fisher in time! I guess I'll have to sell the one I did with Dustin Diamond instead.

Jay said...

The Amy Fisher sex tape is about 15 years too late. Not that we wanted to see Joey Buttafuco in one, but still. She could have made one with Tommy Lee or somebody like that and released it when she was still hot.

Or maybe Alyssa Milano could have played her in the sex tape too? Yeah, that would have been great!

The Mountain Cat said...

Hey I just watched the Bea Arthur sex tape on You Tube. It is pretty explicit.

Tink said...

Best mint chocolate chip cookie recipe EVER (they taste just like girl scout cookies):

2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 cup nonfat dry milk powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup unsalted butter, softened
1 cup vegetable oil
1 cup light brown sugar
1 cup white sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 1/4 teaspoons peppermint extract
2 cups milk chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease cookie sheets. Stir together the all-purpose flour, whole wheat flour, cocoa powder, dry milk, baking soda and salt; set aside.

In a large bowl, cream together the butter, vegetable oil, brown sugar and white sugar until smooth. Beat in the eggs one at a time then stir in the vanilla and peppermint extracts.

Gradually stir in the dry ingredients using a wooden spoon. Finally, fold in the milk chocolate chips. Drop by rounded spoonfuls onto the prepared cookie sheets.

Bake for 8 to 10 minutes in the preheated oven. Allow cookies to cool on baking sheet for 5 minutes before removing to a wire rack to cool completely.

Doc said...

Jay - I like your Alyssa Milano idea !

Mt. Cat - That Screech tape would be a best seller I am sure.

Tink - Thank you for the recipe! I can imagine my waistline expanding as I read it! Please coem back and visit our little blog often.


Jahooni said...

HOLD ON.... I am a Brownie LEADER and my daughter can NOT START selling until the 19th of January! have they already started back east?????
She can win the WII if she is top seller so I NEED BUYERS! **I am making a sweet puppy face with my lips pouty**

I thought you had nothing to talk about and look at all these random thoughts... makes a boring thursday in the office more enjoyable. :-)

Jahooni said...

oh wait... this is Doc's random thoughts... it was TMC that was couldn't come up with anything but I see that overnight he had some brain farts. Let me read em'

Doc said...

Jahooni - First that was Vince who said he had nothing to talk about. I have plenty to say...LOL

Second - It appears that I have unintentionally ignited a Girl Scout cookie Civil War. Instead of brother against brother North vs. South this one is sister against sister East vs. West.... HA !!


Jahoonisgonnalosethepoll said...

HaHa - Horsey Sauce is still winning the poll over your Subway Oil and Vinegar - Neener Neener

Jahooni said...

OH NO NO NO... i will make it so "I" WIN! Who is this??? Let me research and find her or him!

Jahooni said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jahooni said...

Okay Dana... The war is on!

Doc said...

Uh Oh looks like Jahooni is on the warpath.... LOL!

Jahooni said...

We are TIED! ha! ;)

Doc said...

Ok - Jahooni has thrown down the condiment gauntlet... anyone who wants ANYTHING other than the Subway O&V you better get to voting... and tell your sisters, uncles, great uncles, cousins and anyone else you can think of to VOTE!

RadioFreeG said...

A comment on point one about satellite radio:

You guys are lucky living in the States to get decent satellite radio coverage. The coverage we get in Canada, (at least in my neck of the woods outside Toronto, Ontario), is the total craps. The radio market is so polluted here that none of the in car systems work very well. One of my friends had to change the station for the FM transmitter THREE times on his commute to listen to satellite radio in his car!

(AND, Katie Holmes-Cruise-Beard gets whatever she deserves for being involved with that crack-pot. Cruise is a good actor , but I wouldn't make him second chief of ANY religion.)

Patricks' Mom said...

I'm going to try that recipe (maybe not this weekend, maybe next)....
Absolut......let me see what we can do for your little sweetie!:)
Evidently, we can't have TOO many cookies. I've already been hit up and purchased 3 boxes (I'm assuming Doc will need them for our upcoming road trip:)
Doc-As far as the little man, he continues to amaze me every day!

Jahooni said...

Crap... she is 2 ahead of me. crap crap crap crap!

Jahooni said...

it sucks to be a loser.

Dana said...

No Doc, I'm not a Tony Stewart fan, unless you call me screaming "HIT THE WALL TONY" some sort of fan support.

I'm actually a Greg Biffle fan - he's my hometown connection.

Doc said...

RadioFreeG -Thanks for stopping by. That stinks about the coverage in Toronto.

Jahooni - It does suck to be a loser so you better get to voting. your O&V is only 1 behind now.

Dana - Good.. Tony Stewart gets on my damn nerves... Biffle is ok. It's too bad he drives for the Evil Empire though.

Wynneswife said...

Ewww, use REAL horseradish! :P

Jahooni said...

i give up! BRAT

Doc said...

You calling me a brat ??

You are the one who issued the challenge.

Jahooni said...

good to see you have so many friends. It says a lot about a person.

Doc said...

For the record, I only voted once here at home and once at the office. Everyone else was free to vote any way they wished. ;-)

Jahooni said...

it's okay. I am over it. kleenex box is empty.

Doc said...

Wait until you see next weeks poll on Monday ... I bet we disagree on that one too.

Jahooni said...

can't wait! bring it on...

Doc said...

You have to wait until Monday...

Jahooni said...

do you give out any hints?