Monday, January 7, 2008

Richard Arens deserves to be publically burned at the stake

Ever wonder why gasoline prices are so high? Well besides taxes a lot of it has to do with the futures market. It's complicated and I will not endeavor to explain it here but lets just say that gas prices are determined based on a lot of gambling by price fixers... err commodity traders.

That brings me to Mr. Richard Arens of ABS oil brokerage service. Yes I am calling you out sir. It seems that Mr. Arens decided that he wanted to become the first person in the world to pay $100 per barrel for oil last week and in the process made international headlines. OIL HITS $100 A BARREL !!!! is what we read instead of the headline we should have read. LONE A-HOLE IS CAUSING US TO PAY TOO MUCH AT THE PUMP.

Good grief. Am I the only one outraged by this? Guys like this have way too much influence on what the price of gasoline is and of course at the same time Exxon Mobil makes record profits. I am all for free enterprise it's "fixed" enterprise that makes my blood boil.

All the artificial gasoline price setting A-holes deserve to be publicly burned at the stake (with their commodity used as the accelerant) starting with you Mr. Richard Arens.

-Shane (doc)

11:55 am **Update - Mr. Arens, if you were the one Googling yourself (at the IP address linked to your company at the bank) and checking out this posting please PLEASE come in and post a comment defending yourself . We would LOVE to hear from you.... **

1:48 pm **Update - Mr. (or Ms.) Futures trader from Carr Futures Inc. Chicago, Il would you care to defend your fellow futures trader??**



Dana said...

*waves the first flaming torch to start the fire*


Hammer said...

Get a rope...

Jay said...

Well, he's not alone in this game. And that's all it really is. Just a game. Oil prices have been run up by the traders just for the fun of it.

Oil prices are not set by supply and demand anymore. It's all being done in the trading rooms all over the world.

Matt-Man said...

Burn him at the stake? Screw that, the gasoline to get the fire started would cost too much. Cheers!!

DocMtCat said...

Dana - Light him up !!

Hammer - I'll find the tree

Jay - Right you are my friend... I bet my method of dealing with them would work though.

Matt - Good point. Maybe we should use Everclear instead.

DocMtCat said...

Fortunately, I have a pile of dinosaur bones in my storage room that I burn to fuel when such a crisis occurs.

DocMtCat said...

We heard from Mr. Arens!!
He voted for The Mullet!


DocMtCat said...

OMG - I just snorted diet pepsi out of my nose laughing at your coment Vince... BWAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

-Shane (doc)

OMG - Tears!!!!

Jahooni said...

i had to walk to work this morning because of the gas prices. 30 miles in the snow, one way.

I agree they DO SUCK! Off with their heads!

CarmenSinCity said...

Yes, gas is ridiculous. I'm so over it.

random moments said...

I'm selling my fingernails and hair because of gas prices. Maybe I should get a motorcycle?

DocMtCat said...

Jahooni - Snow ??

Carmen - Thats a good way to put it...

Random Moments - Selling your fingernails? Where do you sell those? Oh yeah thanks for stopping by please come again.

BTW - Does anyone else find it ironically funny that all the google ads on the front page are now for commodity futures trading websites?



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