Saturday, January 5, 2008

Condiment Nominations Needed

For next weeks poll the topic will be "The best fast food condiment" and we need nominations for what condiments will be selected. Please post your nomination in a comment and be very specific. If you think one restaurant's ketchup is better than another let us know. If its a sauce then tell us exactly which one. The nominations will go from today (Sat the 5th) until 12 pm ET on Tuesday the 8th. Then the poll will be conducted to determine the winner of the "Best Fast Food Condiment In the WORLD! Each person is allowed to nominate no more than 2 condiments. (and the first two you mention will be your nomination)

Thanks in advance for your participation. Let the nominations begin!!

Oh and I will kick of the nomination process by nominating Arby's Horsey sauce!

-Shane (doc)


Jay said...

Definitely Trojans. Lifestyles makes a pretty good condom too, but Trojans are the best.

Oh wait!

Condiments not condoms.

Damn ... I got nothing on that one dude.

DocMtCat said...

Jay - you don't have ANY fast food condiment that you like? Come on you gotta be joking me?


Anonymous said...

mayo. duh.

or mustard.

DocMtCat said...

Ok, will accept both mayonaise and mustard.

You guys are more creative that this... I know it!


The AbsolutGator said...

Red Pepper Pesto at Crispers and any place that serves hollandaise sauce. Of course I really like my creation of ranchy steak sauce for dipping bread into...mmmmmm.

DocMtCat said...

Gottcha Absolut.... BTW - Nice picture... are you letting your hair grow out like a hippie?


Anonymous said...

Stadium Mustard from Cleveland Ohio!


The AbsolutGator said...

The pic was taken on our cruise about 9 months ago.

DocMtCat said...

I nominate Neosporin.
Oh and Chic-fil-A's Polynesian Sauce.

Leigh said...

McDonalds ketchup. Its better than regular Heinz.

Matt-Man said...

Woeber's Cocktail Sauce. Whic is made right here in Bagwine, Ohio.

Woeber's Spicy Brown Musatrd. Cheers, and Happy Eatings!!

Patrick's Mom said...

I nominate Chic-fil-a honey mustard sauce and taco bell mild sauce.

Dana said...

I nominate Arby's Horsey Sauce!

Jeff B said...

Comming by for a look. I'll be back later to read furthure through your post.

I'll through in Taco Bell's fire sauce and pardon be, but might you have any Grey Poupon?

DocMtCat said...

Ok, to recap what we have nominated so far:

Arby's Horsey Sauce
Mustard (regular I assume)
Crispers' Red Pepper Pesto
hollandaise sauce
Cleveland's Stadium Mustard
Chic-fil-A's Polynesian Sauce
McDonalds ketchup
Woeber's Cocktail Sauce
Woeber's Spicy Brown Mustard
Chic-fil-a honey mustard sauce
Taco Bell mild sauce.
Taco Bell's fire sauce
Grey Poupon

Ok what else have you all got?

(it looks like I should have done a poll just on mustards) ;-)

- Doc

Cait said...


Oh, I have to pick?

Their creole mustard, then.

Jahooni said...

mcdonald's bbq sauce with fries YUMMMMY!
subways oil & vinegar combo.

Cait said...

Mmm, that oil and vinegar combo is awesome. I just had a Subway turkey sub on Saturday.

(Yeah, yeah, I know - I live in the land of po'boys and ate a sub. I suck.)

docnolz said...

Last call for nominations... They end and the voting begins at noon.


carrie2426 said...

Ah...I think I'm too late. But, I vote for Bojangles Honey Mustard. The best on the planet!

DocMtCat said...

Carrie - Technically you are too late but I will include you because I have been having computer issues and haven't been able to put the poll up - Will include Bojangles Honey Mustard - Please check back fro the poll around 6 pm Eastern Time.


Any other nominations trickling in?