Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Polls !

In this the year of the never ending Presidential election we thought that we would bring you our own series of weekly polls. You will find them up in the upper right hand corner of the blog and we will also introduce each with a post. Some will be serious but most will be lighthearted and fun. Please vote and feel free to make any comments you would like.

The first of these polls has to do with a guy who was resurrected to many of us in 2007 due to the success of his daughter. It's about that country music legend in his own mind Billy Ray Cyrus. So we wanted to know what you consider to be his biggest contribution to popular culture:

The Sweet Mullet:

The Achy Breaky Song or Dance:

Daughter Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana:

So please vote in the poll and give us your feedback on good ole Billy Ray.
-Shane (doc)


DocMtCat said...

I am glad your song parodies got better after that "stinky" effort.

-Shane (doc)

Patrick's Mom said...

I would have to say Achy Breaky Heart. Only because it has proven to be a crowd pleaser at bars. I still can't do the dance, however, being drunk and trying to do it can be entertaining not only for one's self, but for anyone watching that drunk! I wouldn't know of course!

Seasons said...

I love the "achy breaky heart" :)


docnolz said...

The Sweet Mullet is DOMINATING the voting in eary returns - WOW!

(I voted for Miley )

Anonymous said...

I am just looking forward to Miley to get old enough to pose nude! She'll be there before you know it! M*BOMBr