Wednesday, January 2, 2008

No more theft in '08

The following posting is from a Senior Mountain Cat:

While pouring my second cup of coffee in the deli on my way to work this morning, I thought to myself...this year I am going to stop stealing the Equal. There it is. The true confession. Total honesty. And even though I cannot escape from this truth, it seemed a metaphor for my greater New Year's resolution - which is to be honest with myself. By nature, I believe I am an honest person...and I don't often "steal." But I'm not sure I have been seeing all the possibilities for myself and even others quite clearly. This year I vow to take a more honest view of how I perceive myself, how I perceive others (especially in love relationships) and take an honest view of what I can achieve. I set out this year confident that with changed thinking, I can change my life and better serve others...and without stealing anything from anyone or myself, I will remain true and grateful.

Christine (Vince's sister)


docnolz said...

Happy New Year Christine. I hope that 2008 brings you all that you are hoping for. That is a great thought about being honest with ones self. We could all use that metaphor.

-Shane (doc)

Jay said...

That's a pretty good new year's resolution there.

Oh and I voted in the poll. I decided to go with the Mullet for now. Maybe in a couple of years when Myley goes into rehab and her sex tape shows up on the internet I'll switch my vote to her.

Patirkck's Mom said...

I think you raise a valid point of being honest with one's self as well as with others. I personally, am working on the later. I am trying to be a more accepting person than I have been in the past. Good luck and here's to a healthy 2008!