Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Best Show on Television is Back

This Sunday, January 6th is the premier of the fifth and final season of HBO's drama The Wire. For those of you who have not watched the show before, the four previous seasons have been absolutely phenomenal! One better then the next. Set in Baltimore, it is the continuing story about the drug crime in the inner city. Filmed on location in the real ghettos of seedy Baltimore.
I have never seen a drama with this much ambition. There are so many characters. So many story lines.
The cops and drug dealers play cat and mouse with the increasingly advancing technology of wire tapping and cell phones. Meanwhile, the cops can't properly get their jobs done because of all the red tape that goes on with the city politicians. And the drug dealers are in a constant battle with rivals who want to steal their 'package' or their 'corners'.

But the show is so much more. The shows title, The Wire is a metaphor for walking the thin line between Good vs. Bad. Success vs. Death. Reform vs. Relapse. Destiny vs. Change. Their are also side characters. One who struggle with drugs and fall deeper into a hole of addiction and poverty. Another is a former convict who is now clean but fights to keep the young kids off the streets and do something positive for the community. Their is a teacher who struggles to keep his pre-teen children from getting involved with drugs or ending up dead. They all add to the authenticity of real life as well as the gritty dialogue and real street lingo and 'Ebonics'. It is a constant struggle for every character to walk on that wire from day to day.

Season five will add even more characters. It will focus on Baltimore's media. How they influence and spin how the citizens, the politicians and the cops view what needs to be done to battle this increasing problem.

The Wire is created by former homicide detective and Baltimore Sun journalist David Simon. The Wire is based off his 1988 book 'Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets'. This book also spun the former TV series 'Homicide: Life on the Streets'. Another brilliant show set in Baltimore.

This show had not been as popular as other HBO shows The Sopranos or Six Feet Under. Probably because it is far from glitzy. And also there is no real star of the show, just a very large ensemble cast. (They even killed off their most popular character for a brilliant story line!). But the Wire still has gotten critical acclaim across the board. This shows appeal is its humanity and grit. And The Wire never take sides.

After this seasons 13 episodes, it will be missed. But will hopefully live on as a mirror to real life.
For more about The Wire, please check out HBO's web page:

- The Mountain Cat


Anonymous said...

If The Wire is anything like Homicide it must be good.

Jay said...

I don't have any of the premium cable channels so I never get to see the best stuff on TV. The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Weeds, Entourage and all the rest of them.

Well, I've found a few of them online but not complete seasons.

Anonymous said...

What credibility do Doc & Mountain Cat have to describe gritty inner city living? And what are they doing togehter at 7am to post a blog?

docnolz said...

Bufftony - There is this magical thing called a computer. And guess what.... It allows one person in NYC and another in Charlotte NC to actually post things on this blog (dramatic pause) at the same time I know it's amazing and hard to comprehend but non the less, it's true!

(as far as the street cred thing you will have to ask Vinny, he is the one that posted that - I bet I have been to Bawlmer more times than he has anyway)

- doc

Anonymous said...

bufftony is there any truth to the rumor that Stuart Smalley is your personal life coach ?

Craigster said...

I heard that teh term bufftony is Italian for "turkish bath house towel boy"

BuffVinny said...

Isn't BuffTony a the name of a character on the show 'Oz'?

Anonymous said...

You know my thoughts Vinny - Best show EVER

BuffVinny said...

Thanks Haas!

Frederick Flintstone Philosopher the Third said...

If a bufftony falls in a forest and no one is there to hear does it really make any noise?

Vinny's Mentor said...

Okay, "The Wire" fans and bufftony bashers, I watched the show last night. Its "Homicide, Life on the Street" WITH the "F" word and WITHOUT Andre Braugher, and worse, without MUNCH!!!(Thats a character, not what you frat boys do when you're stoned) Best Show Ever?? Maybe it was the best show on at 9pm last night, but only because "Cold Case" started at 9:30 since football ran late. Hopefully it gets better, I'll give it a chance. But, one early observation is...your drug dealers are too clever, and your cops are too easily fooled, not to mention cynical. But that I can understand...bad enough they are cops in Baltimore, but UNPAID cops in Baltimore??? I don't think so...this is supposed to be gritty reality, not fantasy.