Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Already?!?!

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope that 2011 brings you much happiness. Many people use the changing of the calendar year to reflect on the previous year and make plans to improve their life. I’m not going to talk about resolutions. Majority of the people don’t keep the ones they make, so why bother? Besides this is already January 4th and many have already been broken?

It seems to me our society expects us to make resolutions that we won’t keep, and that seems like a huge waste of time. It seems like if we don’t live up to the expectations then we are a wasted life. I got many lectures about my seasonal attitude from a lady at work. My family decided not to “celebrate” Christmas with presents. Just a bit of background my family consists of my mother and me. We both go out and by what we need/want, and have way too much stuff. We did go to Christmas Vigil services and we also talked about those we loved that are no longer with us – it was nice. My family will never look like a Norman Rockwell painting, so why try to pretend that we are? If we do pretend that we are it will never feel right and should be stamped with a huge “FAIL”. I will admit there are a few more things that could be done to get into the holiday spirit. Overall we are doing our best to celebrate the meaning and not the commercialization. We also joined the other misfit toys at some casinos.

Now I feel like I’m being encountered with the idea that that my life will suddenly change when the calendar switches years. (It didn’t) If that is the case then why do we need to have resolutions? Please don’t get me wrong, I’m all for making what you deem to be a positive change in your life. I also realize sometimes the changing of the calendar year is a good time to start, especially if you need to psych yourself up for something. However, even if I did follow through with two of the most popular resolutions – get fit and get organized – how much would my life change? I get the feeling that I would find something else in my life that needs to be fixed. How satisfied are we ever with our own lives?

To those reading this I hope 2011 is a year of great things to happen!

-Disaster Chick, Weekly Coorespondent


jennifer said...

I'm not making resolutions because mine have not changed in the last ten years... I always want to lose weight, always want to keep a cleaner house, and always want to read my Bible more. I never manage to improve in these areas in a significant way.

So here I am, resolved to continue to NOT beat myself up for my shortcomings.

Happy 2011!

Mike said...

I made a resolution years ago and have kept it ever since. 'Never make another New Years resolution'.