Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Inexperienced Coffee Snob

I’ve always thought I was just a foo-foo coffee drinker – like the high calorie ones you get from Starbucks. I’ve never been able to stand the coffee that comes from the “office” coffee pot and that is not just because I’ve smelled it burning. I had convinced myself it is because it is hard to have the fancy liquid creamers around – they usually need refrigeration and some of my offices that has been a slight challenge. I wonder how many inches I’ve added to the derriere making it the color of hot chocolate? Recent developments convinced me that I’m an inexperienced coffee snob.
At a Kansas City restaurant on Saturday I had Turkish coffee, and it was fabulous. I didn’t add sugar or anything to it. I could smell the coffee along with other spices. It tasted strong, rich, and the way I’ve always wanted coffee to taste.

The little sweet little grocery next to it sold their own Turkish coffee. Since I can’t get this fantastic drink where I live I’m thinking about getting all the supplies to do it at home and enjoy whenever I want. However, I will continue to avoid the office coffee pot at all costs and stick to my hot tea.
-Disaster Chick, Back-Up Coorespondent


Charlene said...

I've never been inside a Starbucks or through the drive in. I used to get McDonald's every morning for a buck, but now I make my own at the office in a Black & Decker OneCup that's on its last leg. It's good.

bodhi23 said...

It took me a long time to switch from coffee shop coffee to Mr Coffee coffee, but I've never looked back. Depends a lot on what type of grounds you use. I like 8 o'clock and Chock Full o' Nuts. Fresh ground is always better than pre ground.
I've had Turkish coffee tho, and it's fabulous. Properly made, it's a serious kick in the ass.

Raquel's World said...

Love coffee buttheres nothing like a hot cup of tea. Have you had Vanilla Chai Tea, rich with spices and a great aroma? I swear it has healing powers.

Sassy Sassy said...

I'm a total coffee snob too! I always put so much junk in it that it no longer tastes like coffee anymore. Lol.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I do no coffee, so what does that say about me?