Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving there won't be a "Random Thoughts" post so I figured I would just have a few here:

- I don't know about you all but I really enjoy Thanksgiving. A break from work to not only give thanks but spend time with the Three 'F's" Family, Food, and Football. We are going to my parent's house and should have a great day. I'm deep frying our Turkey and that doesn't work well in the rain, so lets hope the showers stay away.

-There have been a bunch of odd news stories recently and I have been thinking about bringing back my "hitting the high notes" segment again. Mt. Cat sent me one recently. Check out this article about a transgendered woman posing as a doctor who was arrested for giving breast exams in a bar. I mean who lets anyone give them a breast exam in a bar anyway? Here is her (or his) mugshot.

-I'm not one who is much for shopping anyway but the idea of "Black Friday" shopping terrifies me. The idea of a whole bunch of ladies hungover on tryptophan stampeding to get $5 laptops could easily be a horror movie.

-The results from my Pro Football Pick Em league have been interesting... As of today there is literally a three way tie for the lead. Evil Twin's Wife, Jayman, and myself are tied for the lead with the exact same score. Pretty amazing.

-On a related note, I am thinking about doing a Pick Em game fro College bowl Pickem so let me know if you are interested.

-While I was thinking of what to include in today's blog post I asked for suggestions on Twitter and my friend Dysfunctional Supermom suggested that I blog about her. So here goes: If you aren't already reading the great blog by the uncontested Supermommy of Dysfunction then you should be. Why? Because reading about the life of a woman who keeps trying on husbands and juggling her "spawn" across the United States is not only funny, but also entertaining... and if you pay close attention you may learn a thing or two while laughing along with her. Give her blog a read and maybe you too can become a "pantyliner"

-OK with that being said I have run out of random things to ramble about. I do hope that you all have a great Thanksgiving and travel safe if you are doing so.



Evil Twin's Wife said...

Ack! The pressure - a tie?? I haven't been by since last week, I was too nervous. I'll be pickin' today (and hopefully kickin' some bootay). :-)

Jay said...

The most amazing thing about my being tied with you guys is that I missed a week! But, I'm sure that, as with almost all fantasy sports, I'll blow it here at the end of the season and finish last.

Doc said...

That means you and ETW should both be kicking my butt then... I didn't miss any games (just sucked at picking them)

Matt-Man said...

Have a wunnerful Thanksgiving, Doc. Cheers!!

Brandi C. said...

Thanks for the shout out love...and I didn't even need to send you topless pics. Phew!

Anonymous said...

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