Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dweeb - Dork - Nerd - Geek - and You!

If you consider yourself to be one of the cool kids you can stop reading this blog right now. Really, you are much too cool to learn about the differences in Geeks, Nerds, Dorks, and Dweebs.
Yes, there is more to us than what you see in the Big Bang Theory, and there are major differences.

The three main components are Intelligence, Obsession, and Social Ineptitude. If the cool kids are still reading I will explain these components a bit more.

Nerds, Geeks, and Dweebs possess intelligence. One usually thinks those that possess intelligence are know-it-alls with superior mental powers, but that really isn’t the whole story. A really intelligent person realizes how much they don’t know. Intelligent people acquire and apply knowledge using thought and reason. You don’t have to be Einstein or Sheldon Cooper to be intelligent – you just have to think though and apply reason and knowledge to problems.

Obsession is where the cool kids are lacking. Geeks, Nerds, and Dorks are ones that are obsessed. Do you see the cool kids at a Star Trek convention? Obsession can be cute, but it can also scare people or just make them think you are weird. People tend to look down on people that read romance novel. I once read a historical romance writer saying her job isn’t easy, because if she mentions a gadget that hadn’t been invented, a wrong piece of clothing that wasn’t trendy or used in that period – her readers will let her know. Any more we expect obsession in occupations. How many of us have to specialize? Very rarely do we see a doctor any more – we go to the pediatrician, the ob-gyn, the proctologist, the dermatologist, and so forth. I’m sure the internet has helped out with obsession too because you can find groups online that share your obsession – dogs, cars, tracking currency, games, television shows, and even fan fiction.

Finally, social ineptitude is what distinguishes the Nerds, Dorks, and Dweebs from the Geeks. The Geeks can handle most situations involving people, and will probably even actually like people. Being an extrovert and I have a hard time understanding introverts. They hate social situations – they would rather have the safety of a computer to visit with people. They can be very outgoing online, but face to face is a different story. I have a friend with a very introverted wife and she feels like people are going to hurt her. It has taken her about six years to warm up to me because I’m reckless at times.

I hope you enjoyed discovering if you are a Dork, Dweeb, Geek, or Nerd. Please share what you are with us. Whatever you are just go out and have a good time being you!

-Disaster Chick, Weekly Correspondent


Doc said...

What a great post Chickie! And I am pretty sure what you said last week is right... Im a geek instead of a nerd based on your awesome diagram!

Knight said...

I'm happy to have this explained and I'm a little jealous I don't fall into the spectrum of anything.

Just me... said...

Aw, and I wanted to be a geek.. Guess I need to find something to obsess over.. :)~
Oh, and loved the explanation of Shakespeare's "The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool."

Apple said...

I think I'm a geek, cause I'm definitely an extrovert. I'm not sure what my obsession is, though...

Disaster Chick said...

We all have our little things that we enjoy much more than those around us - maybe it is purses, maybe a certain actor or actress, maybe a sports team, or maybe even a field of interest. What is it that if a question were asked you'd be the phone a friend hands down?

Disaster Chick said...

I didn't create the diagram. I had a friend post it from another blog on Facebook. Since then it seems to really be a point of discussion. Then I'm surround by nerds, geeks, and dorks. :)