Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ok who has been shooting missiles off?

I am sure that by now everyone has heard about the "mystery missile" seen over Los Angeles by a news helicopter on Monday night. In case you missed it I have posted a couple of pictures of it here so you can see. Pretty neat huh?

What is it? Is it a military missile or something else. "The U.S. military says it's not theirs. A spokesperson for the Navy says no activities were planned in the area at that time.
Officials at the Pentagon also did not know any details about the launch and said that it could not have been planned military action.
" NORAD says its not a "foreign missile" So of course speculation is running rampant. Are we under attack? Was this a military exercise they are trying to cover up for some reason? Is it just a an airplane contrail as some civilian aviators have postured? Who knows?
The FAA says that it could have been a projectile launched by a private company although none had been given the required license to do so. With this in mind I have developed a theory. I think that Google did it. We all know that google is trying their best to take over the world and this is the logical next step.

Google has a lot of enemies and needs to protect itself. There is censorship in China and we know the Chinese government is no fan so maybe this missile thing is the way that they can get back at them? Maybe they were trying to show the people of LA the they are far superior to Yahoo! who could never shoot off a missile. Or perhaps Google was trying to blow up Bing and take them out? This actually seems like about as likely a cause as any, so that's my answer. Google shot off the missile.

What do you think?



Micky-T said...

As I used to work around small acrobatic planes in Florida, I'll go with that. A guy just playing with his new smoke button. Those planes CAN go straight up!

Raquel's World said...

Good Guess..I'll go with Google did it too!

Matt-Man said...

I was going to say that the plume is the result of someone asking Sarah Palin a question on Foreign Policy and her head assploded, but I don't think she was in California at the time. Cheers Doc!!

Knight said...

I think I might have done it. I can't account for my wherabouts during that time and I've been blacking out for large amounts of time recently. Also, I keep getting calls from Google.

Raquel's World said...

Or I could go with Matt- Mans Theory, for I like that as well.

terri said...

I find it amazing that the authorities can't account for what it was. Doesn't instill a lot of faith.

I'll go with the Google theory!

NIC said...

Thanks for posting pictures I hadn't seen nor heard of google shooting off it's missles. I will let you know if I see any here in Utah. :)