Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Obsessive Compulsive or Just Cautious?

I’m leaving on an overnight trip for work. I’m usually pretty excited to get out of the office and change the routine my life for a brief period of time. Don’t get me wrong I still am excited for the change of pace. The problem is I have office mate that has spread her obsession and fear of bed bugs on to me. I don’t mind bugs. I once dated a guy that wanted to be an entomologist so I got to learn about bees and beetles and even held his pet Madagascar Cockroach named Andy (the cockroach not the ex-bf). Andy was not a very happy cockroach, and would hiss when petted. It was fun to make Andy hiss. Making the ex-bf hiss wasn't as much fun, and even when innocent I usually got the blame - but it was his female roomate from Germany that was the final nail in the coffin of our relationship. They got married less than a year after we broke up, and last I knew still married. But I digress. The picture surrounded by this paragraph is what a Madagascar Cockroach looks like. I know you probably didn't have the opportunity to date my ex, and may not have an opportunity to know what one looks like.

I’m the kind of person that has considered bringing in a black light to check out the hotel room. Many, many, many people have said don’t do it! Needless to say I haven’t. It would be nice to know – don’t sit in that chair, or even wonder WTF happened here. Unlike my friend JY, I’ve never been shown a room I thought a murder occurred. Yikes!

Because of the office mate I downloaded how to search for bed bugs. Here is my plan of action. I’ve already checked two national registries and they are clear. I’m going to leave all bags zipped and place in the bathroom. This should be my pull bag, purse, lap top, and my backpack will contact the list of places to check and a flashlight. I will check the where the ceiling and wall meet because they like to hang out there. I will try to remove the drawer by the bed, but if I can’t I will look underneath because that is also a favorite hideout. I will then unmake the bed and check out the mattress and a small part of the box springs because they are after all, bed bugs. I would like to pull the headboard off the bed, but since I’m solo this would be a challenge. I will see what I can do to look behind it. Hopefully the bathroom is big enough to leave the bags in there overnight – or at least while I shower. Maybe this will help me get ready and packed faster in the morning.
Am I too easily influenced by others? I had a former boss never get into a hotel hot tub. He told me about someone he worked with that traveled regularly and stayed at very nice hotels. Apparently one time he had a scab on his leg, and got into a hot tub. The hotel didn’t do a good job treating the hot tub, and bacteria in the hot tub that gave him an infection that caused him to lose his leg. Needless to say if I have a scab anywhere on my body I avoid public hot tubs. Well, since I don’t have my own I avoid all hot tubs.

Better off safe than sorry, right? We don’t live long enough to make all the mistakes for ourselves so we do need to learn from others. I really don’t want to lose a leg or another appendage to my body. I also don’t want to spend at least $1,000 for bed bug removal – so maybe it is a good idea to let the phobia of others influence me to take five minutes to check out the room. May I’ll get a black light bulb tonight too.

-Disaster Chick, weekly correspondant


Star Child said...

I would be the same. Well, I am the same.

Better to be prepared, as once these bugs get a foot hold on your body, in your home and in your life, it is very difficult to banish them.

I spend a fortune on anti-bug supplies...and they are worth every penny!

An ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure!

Doc said...

Much better to be safe tha sorry. I nevedr go in any hot tubs either.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Ewwww, now I'm all itchy and paranoid!

Raquel's World said...

Shame thats nasty! All of it, cockroaches, bed bugs, scab infections. Gross.

Knight said...

There is no possible way for me to fully avoid bedbugs. I know they are in my building. I know people on the subway with me might have them. People at the bar with me might have them. They are sneaky little things and they are taking over the world.