Friday, June 18, 2010

Whats on tap for the weekend?

What are you guys doing this weekend? As usual I am looking forward to the weekend with one exception. Tomorrow is the day that I have to pay for my speeding ticket by going to traffic school. Now from all accounts I have heard this will be an excruciatingly long and boring 5 hours. Because it's over an hour away it's going to shoot a gigantic hole right in the middle of my weekend, but I'm not complaining too much. I am just glad that my fine got reduced and going to this class will keep me from getting any points on my license. So think of me tomorrow while you all are having fun I will be watching "Blood runs red on the highway" lol.
Don't forget that Sunday is Father's Day! I want to wish all the Dads out there a great day and to kick back and enjoy yourself. I plan on hanging out with my family and hopefully watching a little NASCAR in the afternoon.
Whats on tap for your weekend? Please tell me all of the fun stuff you are going to be doing while I am stuck in traffic school.


Matt-Man said...

While you're at Traffic School I will be working 11-9. It's not too bad; I'll be surrounded by Grippo's. Cheers Doc!!

Doc said...


The AbsolutGator said...

I feel for ya, buddy. I've sat through that damn thing 3 times in my life. Good thing about FL is that you can do it online in the privacy of your own home while drinking a beer.

As far as the weekend, I'll be running a 5k in the morning and helping 2 of my neighbors replace their backflow preventers that burst back in February. Other than that, probably hit the pool and chillax (as my kids say) the rest of the weekend.

Happy Fathers Day to all you other Dads out there!

Disaster Chick said...

WG Gathering in Leoti which is a 5.5 hour drive one way.

Anonymous said...

Probably family stuff and shopping for my baby's 1st birthday. Enjoy traffic school :-)

Dianne said...

I was thinking of finding a traffic school class and standing outside making faces at them ;)

Happy Dad's Day
Have a great one

Hope sends hugs to Patrick

Raquel's World said...

Well in 1 hour I will be going to my daughters preschool to celebrate her birth 3 years ago today.

Tomorrow we will have a mini toddler pool party and luncheon for the princess and then I will hopefully nap. Sunday I will ditch the kids with dad (my fathers day gift to him) like he does me the other 364 days of the year) And I am heading out for lunch with the girls to celebrate my bday which is Monday.
But please do not envy me..most weekends I am a slave to housework and boredom.
And BTW Happy Daddy Day!

Jeff B said...

No monumental plans for the weekend. Just hanging out with my wife and kids. Most likely will have a BBQ thrown into the mix.

Doc said...

Patrick sends them right back to her Di !

Monkey's Mom said...

I'm taking monkey out on the lake. It will be her first time on the boat. I'm quite excited. I've stocked up on sunscreen to protect her pale skin. lol
Good luck in traffic school. I've never been pulled over ::knocksonwood:: but if I do I'm sure I'll be sitting through that class too.
Happy Father's Day! :) said...

Bless your heart!
You know around here they have the defensive driving courses, (that's what they're called down here), at local comedy clubs and are taught by the comedians.
I'm not even kidding! Not only makes them more enjoyable, tends to make people pay attention and retain more.