Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's in a Meme...

I have to come clean and say that once again I have been wrong about something. For years I have touted and been proud of the fact that this blog YJKOTB is "Meme Free." What I was referring to are these posts that involve a series of "get to know you" type questions (examples of such posts here, here, and here) which you answer and then invite, challenge, or "tag" others to also answer the same questions. You all know what I'm talking about right?

Well apparently I'm wrong. Well partially wrong anyway. My friend Dana pointed out to me the other day that My motivational poster about that whole Twilight thing was a Meme. I just thought it was hilarious but anyway it got me to thinking and so I did some research. As it turns out a meme (pronounced like Cream which I didn't know either) is actually "an idea or value or pattern of behavior that is passed from one person to another by non-genetic means" Hmmm OK. Well that could be anything and so since I generally found the term "Meme" dealing with internet I checked further.

I have come to the conclusion that what I have been referring to as Memes are actually considered "Internet Memes" These are sort of concepts or catchphrases or that spread virally from person to person via the Internet. More simply put Internet meme's are inside jokes on the internet that only special "in the know people" know about. The best example I can think of for this is "Rick Rolling."

Who knew right? Well most of you probably did but I sure didn't and as a matter of fact my little catchphrase of being "Meme Free since 2007" Is not only wrong but goes completely against what YJKOBT is really all about... I would like nothing more than this blog to be the "inside joke" or the cool kids table of the internet. I actually wish this blog WAS one big Meme!

I still can't stand those question and answer tagging things so those won't be posted here... and I need to think up a new catchphrase too. Come clean guys, who else thought that Memes were just those question and answer things? I can't be the only one on the outside of that inside joke or can I?



Matt-Man said...

In the context of the blogosphere a meme is the question and answer thing. Dana is once again just being her pretentious, uppity self, and if she doesn't like that she can spank me.

One thing about the "meme", I always pronounce it Me-Me. 'Cause they're all about Me!!

But hey, if that's what folks wanna do, by God they should have at it. I do find them great to use when my mind can't think of anything else. Cheers Doc!!

HannahK said...

Meme's for me come into play when I have NOTHING at all to blog about, so as MattMan said I want to talk about ME! Yes I guess I can be selfish at times!!

Don't worry I still think it is safe to say that YJKOBT is MEME Free! I hope. I guess? I don't know but hey this is a great spot no matter what!


Disaster Chick said...

Were you trying to change opinions on Twilight? My opinion didn't change so it didn't work!

Not sure how how to pronounce it since it isn't me-me. I guess emmy or eam-eam.

Maybe find funny words like "using zarfs and memes only when necessary"

Dana said...

Ahhhh STUFF IT Matt-Man! So there!

I tend to be a little anal retentive *gasp* when it comes to some things. What can I say. Here's what's funny though - I had NO IDEA your tag line was "Meme Free since 2007"

Do what you do. My issue wasn't really with anyone doing memes, but YOUR uppity implication that those were *beneath* you - going so far as to "remind" me that I better not post a meme on your blog as a guest poster. PFFFTTT!

What good would it do for me to post a meme about me on your blog anyway?? *grin*

TAG! You're it!!

Doc said...

Oh Dana... you said you had no idea WHAT to post as a guest and I said anything but a meme because we dont do those here.. you are mis-remembering.. LOL

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...


whatever - they are good when your brain is collapsing

The Dish said...

I always thought is was me-me too. I try not to do them. A.) Because I am private and what is the point, and B.) They are kind of lame... ;) said...

Yep. That's what I thought, as well. So now for your new catch phrase... "If I don't believe it, it's a non-issue anyway..."?