Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Darrelle Revis wants $20 million a year and so do I

I happened to be reading online yesterday and this article about NY Jets Cornerback Darrelle Revis caught my eye. Mr. Revis thinks that he deserves to be paid 20 Million a year for his skills which breaks down to 1.25 million dollars per game. Whaaaaa? Now considering he plays defense and not QB or some position where he handles the ball every play this figure is actually 1.25 million for playing HALF the game.
Now I know that Revis is good, don't get me wrong he is one of the best. I mean anyone who can shut down and shut up Chad Ochocinco deserves serious credit but 20 million???
I have come to the conclusion that I'm going to demand my employer pay me like this as well. OK lets figure this out. The highest paid person at Revis' position in the NFL made less than 10 million last season. While this is still being severely overpaid I will use this as a baseline marker for my demands. OK if the highest paid person at my position with the company makes $100,000 per year for example I think that I'm going to contact our general manager (through the media of course not in person) and demand that I must make $200,000 a year. How about that? I mean I do offer a service that people really need when they have wrecked their car. It's more important than shuting down Diva wide receivers right? You know what on second thought why don't I just shoot for the moon? Forget $200K I WANT 20 MILLION TOO! How do you think this will be received? Yeesh. Oh and don't forget that I'm only going to work half the time too.
I love sports as much as anyone but this has gotten out of control.



Matt-Man said...

I say if someone is willing and/or stupid enough to meet his demands, have at it Mr. Revis. Cheers Doc!!

Disaster Chick said...

Sometimes you make demands like that and suddenly you are no longer important. Imagine the pressure from all the other teams not to do it as well.

Disaster Chick said...

On another note: Three's Company continued even though Suzanne Somers/Crissy Snow left because of money demands. If this doesn't work he can always be called Crissy.

Mrs. D said...

If I were paid even a fraction of that to play a game I'd be happy. He should just shut up and play.

Kim said...

You know what I want?

A million a year.

That's all.

Jay said...

Revis probably should be the highest paid CB in the league. But, 20 mil ain't gonna happen. He'll probably end up around 12 mil. Damn, that's still a lot of money.

rxBambi said...

whenever it's slow at work I like to figure out how much I'm being paid per prescription. maybe today I'll see if I can figure out per tablet... nah, too much math.

The AbsolutGator said...

I'm like Matt-Man: I don't think anyone should be paid that much to play a game. BUT, if someone is willing to pay it, good on him for getting it.

That being said, why is it that not one liberal politician is going after sports figures/franchises for making too much money? Nah, its easier for them to demonize businesses that create jobs and grow the economy.

(Damn, did I slip politics into the debate? Oh well.)