Friday, May 28, 2010

50 Things I think Everyone Should Know

Last Week my buddy Jay posted his thoughts about Nanny State Rules and this resulted in a small discussion about a certain Symbol that some people didn't know about. "The Shocker" is just one of those things that I think that people should know about. This got me to thinking that there must be other things like this that I think people should know. So without further adieu I present my list of 50 things that I think people should know:

-What The Shocker is
-Where Mom's Attic is found
-Who Mr. Green Jeans is
-What the Gaffney Peach is
-What A1A is
-What Tinker to Evers to Chance means
-Who Wyatt, Doc, Virgil, and Morgan are
-Where Tobacco Road is located
-What Hashtags are and used for
-How to tell the difference between sarcasm and irony
-What a Fifth is
-What the Waffle House Doo Wop is
-What Goody's Powders are
-How to pop a clutch
-Why a bilge pump is valuable
-What HTML coding is used for
-What the Hook and Ladder is
-What a Crawdad is
-The opening chords to You Shook Me all Night Long
-Who "The Intimidator" was
-What a Sleestack is
-What Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosie is used for
-What a Parrothead is
-The difference between a baitcasting and a spincasting reel
-What "And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you meddling kids" means
-What The Lady in Black is
-Who "He who must not be named" is
-Who "The Lizard King" was
-Be able to recite the words to "Uneasy Rider"
-How to use a Twitter stream
-What Cover 2 is
-What 'Laissez les bon temps rouler' means
-Who Kaiser Soze is
-What Cheerwine is
-What the G.W. and the L.I.E are
-Know what happened "The Day the Music Died"
-Know What Nation still remains "Unconquered"
-Know the difference between Eastern NC BBQ and Western NC BBQ
-Know that it's actually soda and NOT Pop
-Knows what a Landshark is
-What "It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses" comes from
-Knows how one would find "The Room of Requirement"
-Knows the ending to "The Sting"
-What Sussudio actually is
-Know that you should always double down on 11
-Know how to make good chili
-Know what ROTFLMAO means
-Know the words to Piano Man by heart
-Know what "Moons over My Hammy" is
-Know what the SECOND video ever played on MTV was.

So there you have it, my list of things I think everyone should know. Enjoy, comment as you see fit, and I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend. One of my favorite weekends of the whole year!



Karen said...

I only know about 2/3 of those things. Clearly I am missing out on some of the most important stuff out there.

Matt-Man said...

It's one of my fave weeknds of the year as well, and The Sting is one of my favorite movies, evah. Have fun and Cheers Doc!!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to do some research on some of these. I don't want to be out of the loop.

Kim said...

I know what most of them are, the ones I don't know I'll just pretend I do. :P

The AbsolutGator said...

I find it interesting that the Shocker made the top of the list.

Doc said...

HA Chris the Shocker was only at the top of the list because Jay's post inspired this list. It's certainly not the most important thing on the list... The most important would probably be Goody powders. LOL

Disaster Chick said...

Looks like I've got some research to do. Some of this seems to be regional - Cheerwine Soft Drink: It's a Carolina Thing. Difference between Eastern/Western NC BBQ - around here it is important to know the difference between Arthur Bryants and Gates BBQ - but more importantly Chicken Mary's and Chicken Annie's especially since they made the Food Channel's Food Wars.

Doc said...

BTW - I was with Absolutgator the last time I was on A1A

The Mountain Cat said...

Awesome list Doc! I know about half of them. How about: What does LSMFT mean??

The Mountain Cat said...
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Doc said...

LSMFT - Something about Lucky Strike cigarettes I think... Lucky Strike means flaovor something...

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I know most of these, but the Evil Twin is in charge of chili and it's the BEST!!

Dana said...

Great ... now my anal retentive self will have to cancel any potential road trip 'cause I'll be home all weekend google these *rolls eyes*

Thank for ruining MY weekend ...

Micky-T said...

A1A in Maine!

Doc said...

Mic... My A1A is in Florida (but Im sure Maine's is nice too) lol

Warrior_Kat said...

Goody's and BC powders work great on headaches. Whenever I take out a BC powder I get the weirdest looks from people. It amazes me just how many people don't know what that is. It's crushed aspirin people. It's been around forever, and you can find it in your local grocery or drug store. Tastes terrible, but works great!


Jay said...

I know most of these. The ones I don't know, I probably don't need to know. haha

Doc said...

BTW - True story. One of my best friends name is Wyatt and my dog is named Morgan. One night we were at my house watching a race and drinking beer and Wyatt says to me. We need to hng out with someone named Virgil. It took me a minute to get it but I found it hilarious!!

Disaster Chick said...

Maybe Wyatt needs to get a dog named Virgil. It was the name of my great-grandfather and grandmother (she went by her middle name).

Mandy said...

awesome list

fun stuff!