Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Random Thoughts 4/22/10

Stuff I have been thinking about:

-Reason # 23,496 that I don't ever want to travel to Europe. Volcanos in Iceland. I never want to go some where that I get trapped and can't get home to the USA. *Shivers*

-How about a little Happy Birthday shout out to EvilTwinsWife Today? Happy Birthday and enjoy your day!

-The Carolina Panthers 2010 schedule released the other day and highlights include opening the new NY Giants stadium, (they closed the last one out beating the Giants why not open the new one with a win) A return date with Julius Peppers on Oct 10th, and a December 23rd game at Pittsburgh meaning they will be off on Christmas while other teams are practicing. I can't wait for football season.

-While I am on football and the Panthers the NFL draft starts tonight. The Panthers don't have a first round pick so I am not all that enthused, however there is one thing I am dreading. I will not rest until Tim Tebow has been drafted by some other team. If and when in the next 2-3 days you hear that Tebow was drafted by any team other than the Carolina Panthers please know that I am celebrating somewhere!

-Cyndi Lauper can sing in octaves that ordinary human beings simply cannot. Is she really an alien?

- I just love that AT&T commercial where the guy is playing a TV news anchor and is reporting things like, "according to Twitter the search for cute boots is on...Fabcebook confirms." Makes me laugh but sadly reminds me of my life in some ways.

-Yay, Today is also Earth Day. I love the earth and hope that it stays happy for a really long time.

-I heard on the radio the other day that the country of India has more (way more) cell phones than working toilets. Scary, but not surprising.

-Just found out that a friend of mine is moving to Raleigh, NC from New Jersey next month a and am pretty excited about it. (No, it's not the Mt. Cat)

-Bon Jovi is in concert here in Charlotte tonight. W00T!! But sadly my wife and I are not going...Blah. Poor planning on my part actually. I had no idea that tickets would sell so quickly for this show. They were gone in a matter of hours. Two years ago when they came it wasn't even a sell out. So oh well I guess we will catch them next time.

Until Next week



Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind being stranded in Europe at all. I'm sure I'd find something to occupy myself with.

Anonymous said...

Love Cyndi Lauper...always wanted to be brave enough to wear my hair the way she used to. Hey Doc India sounds like your kind of place ;)!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Thanks for the bday wishes!

Matt-Man said...

I always thought Cyndi Lauper was kind of kitschy, but I have really come to like her alot over time. Cheers Doc!!

Disaster Chick said...

For two shows the only Bon Jovi tickets available would be on the side behind the stage. I didn't think I would really be able to see anything and I doubt I could see them changing clothes.

On a cruise ship you definately find out your vacation is over that morning. We were suppose to dock at 7 AM, but ended up about noon do to fog - not really anything to do - hot tubs closed. But I'm sure I could stay busy in Europe.

My mom supervises a lady whose sister is in Europe. The airline had some kind of a lottery to get you home 3/4 of the party got the first flight out and one had to stay an extra day. That would suck when your entire party leaves you.

Karen said...

It is not me who is moving either. Just in case you didn't know that.

I love that ATT commercial also.

I traveled trough Europe and I honestly don't have a desire to go back. I am very happy here in the US.

Chandra said...

It's good to know that Indian has it's priorities in order.

Cyndi Lauper rules. She's bat shit crazy, yes, but she can sing. I LOVE her on Celebrity Apprentice. Totally makes the show this year...well her and Curtis Stone, holla!

Tim Teabow, GAWD! Cannot stand his self riteous ways.

Pretty sure your Carolina Panthers will kick my KC Chiefs rear this year with our Without Tim Teabow. HOWEVER, we do have Charlie Weiss as our Offensive Coordinator...not sure what that means other then we can't be any worse then we were last year!

That is all. Have a good day!

Dana said...

I think Earth Day should be held on 4.20 ... just sayin'

Candice said...

Do you watch Celebrity Apprentice? Cyndi is on that show. She's definitely an oddball.

Jay said...

I don't think I like the NFL moving the draft to prime time. It ruins the Saturday draft parties and just generally gets in the way of other things.

Four Dinners said...

Cyndi is a Goddess!!!

Doc said...

Mrs. D Not me... Some of these folks have run out of money while stranded in Europe. I might be able to think of a worse nightmare... but it would be tough.

Belle Hardy Har Har

ETW Well enjoy your day!

Doc said...

Matt-man Cyndi continues to be odd.

Disaster Chick I saw today that they released some more tickets to the show... too late for me to go. BOOOO!

Karen LOL - no it's not you moving either. (unless something has recently changed)

Doc said...

Chandra Yes the Panthers would whoop up on the Chiefs (or the Chefs as I call them after a certain commercial) but you guys aren't on the schedule this season....

Dana Well smoke em if you gottem...

Candice Sorry I can't do the Trump - Even though I think Darryl Strawbery is on there.

Jay I tend to agree about the draft. I liked the frenzy that was that Saturday and the laidbackness that was that Sunday. This is purely a TV ratings grab and they are openly admitting as much.

4dins Yeah... not of this earth.