Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Summer vs Winter Parking Spaces

I park in a different place at work depending on the time of the year and I was wondering if anyone else has a quirk like this. I do this for a specific reason of course and it's the weather. Our parking lot like most is pretty wide open to the sun but it also has trees that provide shade near some of the edges. During the winter I park in the space below:
As you can see it was snowing the day I took that picture. There is my little red Grand Am sitting out there in a parking space that not only gets sun and keeps it warmer on cold days but I can see it all the time from the window in my office. (just in case anyone tries any funny business)
Now during the summer months I want to keep my car cool so I scouted out the entire parking lot and found the absolute best parking space for doing this:
There she is sitting there in as close to total shade as you can get in our parking lot. It's amazing that even on the hottest August days the shade of this parking space keeps the car so much cooler. Ahh what a relief.
I get to work early to ensure that I have my choice of the parking space I want especially in the summer because that space is in demand. It's not uncommon to find it taken if I go out to lunch either. As you can imagine I'm not very happy when that happens.
Anyone else have a special quirk about where you park at work?



Dana said...

We have assigned parking. Although I have one of the *worst* spots in the lot, my quirk is when visitors can't seem to comprehend that NUMBERED spots might mean they are assigned spots.

Star Child said...

In Oz you can't park under just any tree, as if they become too dry they just topple over.

It happens a lot.

I tend to pick a space as far away from any other person as possible. I have high anxiety that someone will bash my car, with their poor driving, or simply by opening their car door too wide.

It happens a lot.

Mrs. D said...

I park wherever is closest. Partially because I'm lazy, but mostly because I have a bag and baby to carry.

Matt-Man said...

Suck it up and park wherever ya big Mary. You can keep your special parking spaces, but you just lost your man card. Cheers Doc!!

jennifer said...

When I worked, the only plan I had was to get as close to the building as I could. I hated walking for a mile in heels. Aching feet - what a crappy way to start the day.

I'm guessing this isn't an issue for you.

Southern Belle said...

I think I was better off not knowing so much about you!!

Christine said...

Since I am a spoiled bitch, I have a reserved space in a parking garage. However, I choose the one where there is only one person next to me to limit the slamming of doors into my baby. Burns my ASS when someone parks in my spot. Bastards.

Karen said...

I park as close as possible. At all times of the year. I never gave a second of thought to sun or shade.

Jay said...

I've never been too concerned with where I park. Here at my apt. complex though, I noticed that most people park in the same spot all the time.

Chandra said...

Nope, I have one parking space and I park in it every single day UNLESS some schmuck(that schmuck being our IT guy) decides to park there instead. I don't ask for much but I do at least ask for a decent parking spot especially when wearing skirts and heels.. where's the chivalry I ask you?

Besides..."you take the good you take the bad"... The good about parking under that thar tree is shade and a nice cool car...the all the bird poo you accumulate from sitting right under their nest! LOL!... "You take them both and there you have the facts of life, the facts of life." Sing it with me now...

Joker_SATX said...

That's interesting. This makes perfect sense to me and if I were in your shoes I would probably do the same thing.

Its funny though that when someone else does it, its a quirk. When I do it, people say I have OCD.

Bond said...

Nah... I do end up parking in the same basic spot most days, but that is 12 months a year

Kim said...

I park in the same spot all year long. It's next to a cement blockade thing that I can easily hide from if gunfire would ring out. (I work in Englewood, bitches!)

And no, I am not kidding.

Charlene said...

I park anywhere I want to park because I am the boss. The reason I started working for myself was I was so freaking mad about leaving my parking spot for a meeting or lunch and some yahoo getting it. Everyone of who did that knew that was my spot! It was either bring a gun to work and kill them or leave and work for myself!

OK, I'm joking. I park pretty much in the same spot all year long.

You seem to be living your life around parking spaces, which is odd. Sleep a little longer and take your lunch to work so you won't have to leave. This parking thing is much too important to you.

Four Dinners said...

I parked outside my house a couple of weeks back. We have two cars and both fit easily on the driveway. I just couldn't be bothered and parked outside.

There was a knock at the door around 8pm and a Sikh across the road said "Can you move your car I've nowhere to park"

Can I swear here?

I said "Fuck off! I'm parked outside my own house!"

"But I park here!" here insisted

I suggested I would 'share an understanding' with him if he didn't piss off and - as I seem to be quite well known in my street he understood and left.

Cheeky git!

Just me... said...

After getting up at 5:30am, cooking breakfast, getting ready, dragging a sleeping 8 y/o out of bed, making her get ready (by telling her everything she has to do, 12 times), walking the dog, securing him for the day, loading the dishwasher, driving 10 miles west to drop daughter off at school then 15 miles east to be at work by 7:45am, I am just happy if there's a parking spot within eyeshot of the building!!! :):):)

Disaster Chick said...

I work out of two different offices. Favorite office is at the airport and we all have equal parking. When it is stormy we've been able to park under the awning or in the hanger.

The state defense building doesn't allow that luxery. I mix up where I'm parking and there is no such thing a shade.