Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Random Thoughts 4/1/10

Stuff I have been thinking about:

-If you follow me on Twitter you may know that I am counting down the days (242 still left) until I can switch to a Blackberry. It seems that out carrier Sprint doesn't want more money from us each month so they won't let us upgrade our plan until November just because we upgraded it at the beginning of 2009. doesn't make sense to me and I came very close to paying the cancellation fee and just going ahead and getting the Blackberry plan.

-We are headed to NY tomorrow night for "Spring Break" and my brother in law's wedding a week from Saturday. Somehow Spring Break on the NOFO doesn't quite have the same ring to it as Spring Break in Panama City but we should have a great time. BTW - If you are thinking that I just said back in January that I was in NY for my brother in laws wedding you are correct. This is my other brother in law getting married. I have one more wedding to be in during June then I am retiring from being in weddings.

-I have always been a fan of Jimmie Johnson because he is a good guy and my favorite driver Jeff Gordon is co-owner of his car but even I am getting tired of him winning.

-I actually got a forward e-mail last week from someone (who used to read this blog) that insinuated that if I didn't continue to forward e-mails or believe that dogs go to heaven like people do that I would end up in hell. I don't do either and I'm not too worried.

-Looking forward to the summer coming. One of the things I do during the summer is re-read the Harry Potter books. I love them so and can't wait until my son is old enough to read and understand them.

- Nothing quite like getting a spring muffler burn when I broke out the lawn mower for the first time this spring last Saturday. Ouch!

- Anyone else think the Tampon commercial with the "racially ambiguous attractive girl with white pants" commercial is hilarious?

-In a follow up to a post I did last week I am still sort of in limbo but hopefully after I get back from my vacation I will have more to report. The news is looking more positive than negative though.

-Next week while I am gone you are going to be treated to a great series of Guest blog posts. The AbsolutGator has Monday and says that he will also be doing a poll. Dana will be posting Tuesday and keeps making vague references wondering if I trust turning the blog over to her for a day... I'm trusting and I am sure she won't disappoint. On Wednesday you can read a guest post from Disaster Chick and Thursday Evil Twin's Wife will be writing here... (I'm hoping for a cleavage shot) Friday will be manned by none other that His Cynicalness Jayman. The following Monday while I am travelling I am going to try and get the Mt. Cat to post. Thanks to all the guest bloggers. I am sure they will be better than the crap I normally post here. Also we have to award the trophy for the NCAA tournament pool victor next week so stay tuned!



Disaster Chick said...

I love my crackberry so much that I now have two. Yes, I have a Cruvey Storm as I like to call it - and I'm a cruvey gal.

I got my personal one in December 2008. It's a Storm and I love it, however, the Storm2 looks really cheap. March of 2009 my boss retired and the new boss wanted me to have the old boss' blackberry. The Cell Phone Nazi threw a fit and said she would rather drop dead than to give me a blackberry. I'm like I really don't care - my personal one is better. I was happy having "emergency" emails from one address forwarded.

CPN doesn't like me because I was on an interview team that did not hire her. She believes that you should ALWAYS promote from within even if that person is less qualified. She was under qualified and would not have been a good fit.

Now everyone has been issued a blackberry as of a couple of months ago. CPN is still walking among the living.

Mandy said...

Have a safe trip and a GREAT time!

Karen said...

Have a great trip. Wave to me when you pass my house.

Dianne said...

Have a great trip!!

Doc said...

@ Disaster Chick - Im just biding my time waiting for Blackbery time

@ Mandy - Thanks. Terrible cell reception out there so I might not be able to tweet much.

@Karen - I always think of you when Im on the GWB - It's just my little tradition ;-)

Doc said...

@ Dianne - Will do - We will be coming through your part of the world Saturday afternoon.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I hate the tampax commercials and pretty much any feminine hygiene product commercial that doesn't feature OB tampons. Why have all that wasteful "applicator" business? Too afraid to touch your own hoo-ha? I am more "green" than many hippies I know. And, you know I am NOT a hippie. I'm working on a blog around this mentality, but the Evil Twin advises against it. Maybe I'll post it here! (Just kidding!). :-) Safe travels and have a great time.

3 Men and a Lady said...

I don't pay attention to tampon commercials, so I missed that one. I love the HP books, too, and I'm working on the 1st one with Ace. Have fun on your trip :-)

Doc said...

@ ETW -you wouldn't dare write a post here about tampons... Or you might so I better hush!

@Mrs. D - I bet Ace loves it!

Southern Belle said...

Yep I think you may be getting too old to be in should retire.

I think the tampon commercials are funny because what women is going to wear white...come on be for real.

Jay said...

I hope I can come up with a post worthy of the other guest posters! Kinda worried about that now.

Have a great trip dude. Wish I was going to NY tomorrow too.

Dana said...

Me?? Vague references?? Nahhh ...


jennifer said...

I like you even more now that I know that you are a Harry Potter fan. I've read the series once and I want to read it again. LOVE the movies.

Have a great trip!

terri said...

I hate those emails that try to guilt you into forwarding them. I just delete 'em.

You re-read books? I used to, but now, just can't seem to do it. I think it's the knowledge that there are so many other unread books out there waiting for me to pick them up. said...

I had to giggle at the mention of you going to hell if you didn't forward that email. I particularly enjoy deleting the emails that try to threaten my Christianity if I don't forward them. As if God is sitting around judging me by what I choose to forward or not. Isn't that what the government is for? ;-)