Friday, April 2, 2010

Hitting the High Notes

Before I go running off on vacation I figured I would leave you with some stuff I have read in the news lately:

-In the spirit of Good Friday here is a story about how paintings of the Last Supper are showing the food being served has been supersized over the past one thousand years. So let me guess next they are going to try and blame childhood obesity on Jesus. Yeesh.

-A kind of gross story here about a woman accused of assaulting a police deputy by squirting her breast milk in his face. Eww.

-A strange story here about an elderly couple in Brooklyn NY who claim that the police have raided their house over 50 times for no reason. Odd, apparently a bunch of criminals have given out their address.

-I love this article about a filmmaker in South Carolina who made a parody movie called "The Hills have Thighs" and sold it to Showtime then was surprised when instead of playing his film the network showed a porn movie by the same title. Duh your movie was called "The Hills Have Thighs" (oh BTW the way the guy's name is Bubba and he used to be a SC state lawmaker.) I swear I am not making it up.

-Last one... This one was sent to me by the Mt. Cat who lives near this freak. According to this news article the reign of terror caused by the serial urinator is over. Yes this nasty dude Nitinkuma Patel apparently has a fetish for walking up to random women and peeing on them. Yuck! Well he has been arrested and it's almost fitting that the officer that caught him is named Mike Meyers because "The Serial Urinator" sounds like a criminal straight out of an Austin Powers movie. Officer Meyers' quote, " Patel was caught wearing "gray sweatpants with 'a large wet spot around his crotch area." Enjoy trying that in jail there buddy.

Until next time keep reading the news!



3 Men and a Lady said...

Sick. If the serial urinator tried that on me it'd be last urinating he'd ever do. WTF is wrong with people??

Star Child said...

Assault with breast milk...Oh!

I would rather be punched, thank you very much.

Matt-Man said...

I dig breast milk. Cheers and Have Fun Doc!!

terri said...

The story about the elderly couple whose house has been raided over 50 times baffles me. I would think the polices would make solving this problem a top priority. That's ridiculous!

Disaster Chick said...

We all know that the Last Supper painting is correctly depicted? What? Historically they wouldn't have been sitting at a table but lounging on their sides. If the plate was huge it was because they shared.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Serial urinator! Gross! I'll have to tell you the "Mad Shitter" who terrorized the Evil Twin's office for several months.

Jay said...

Didn't they have McDonalds burgers and fries at the last supper? said...

Wow, now that is a diverse bunch of stories.
By the way, I can see no big gulp cups on the table at The Last Supper. What's up with that?

Christine said...

WTF? Are there a bunch of Barney Fifes working in Brooklyn?? Ridiculous. I'm not a fan of sue-happy people, but seriously...this couple should sue for harassment and stupidity. Poor old folks.

Haha, I was thinking "So I married a Serial Urinator".