Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tweet of the Week Feb 3, 2010

Once again it's time for the Tweet of the Week award. There were great Tweets as usual this week especially during our little Tweet Party this past Saturday night. Too much fun but I had to narrow it down to one and as I remember I called it at the time. Our Tweet of the week comes to us from our blog friend Mrs D:

Mrs D. writes a blog that we all read and love called 3 Men and a lady. She also goes by the twitter handle @3xy_1xx. Check her out because she is fun, funny, and sincere.

The tweet of the week happened last Saturday night/Sunday morning during our little Tweet Party. As you can imagine there was a good bit of alcohol flowing and at one point @MandyVaughn commented that she was seeing double. Shortly thereafter she mentions that Michael Buble was singing on Saturday night live. Then there is confusion. @Jayman3768 tries to help @MandyVaughn out and then Mrs. D clarifies with the following Tweet that if she was seeing double and watching SNL then:

Hilarious and very timely at the time. This weeks tweet of the week Here is your Tweet of the Week award Mrs. D - you deserve it!

Until Next Week... Keep Tweeting



Anonymous said...

Ok.... my curiosity has I looked back at the tweets. My question is with all the tweets,blogs and texting....when your spouse or kids(or just kid)is talking to you....are you really paying attention or listening? Just curious....but we know where that got the cat!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Doc! And thanks Mandy and Jay for inspiring such a momentous tweet ;-)

Mandy said...

I think I vaguely remember this!

Glad I could help set it all up for you! 8-)

Jay said...

Hot chicks are still undefeated in the Tweet of the Week contest. ;-)

Four Dinners said...

The only sane thing I've ever heard a politician say - ever.

David Cameron on Absolute Radio in England on being asked whether he used Twitter.

"Too many twits make a twat"

I might vote for him on the strength of that!!!!...;-)

Doc said...

Enjoy Mrs. D - And keep the great tweets coming... I already have one nominee in the hopper for next week...