Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Random Thoughts 2/25/10

Stuff I have been thinking about:

-Have you ever seen a Chick-Fil-A drive thru that isn't jammed around lunchtime? Heck no you haven't because that place is mobbed. I bet that franchise makes a mint.

-I think that I may be having a bad hair life.

-I heard the Lady Antebellum song "Need you Now" the other day and it made me start thinking. One of the lines in the song says that she would rather hurt than feel nothing at all. Interesting question. Would you rather feel hurt rather than nothing at all? I'm not sure I would.

-The makers of disposable razor blades that charge $8000 for a refill cartridge ought to be ashamed of themselves. Yes I am talking about you Gillette!

-I'm thinking that if I didn't have a child in a car seat that I need to get in and out of my car from time to time I would buy a Mini-Cooper. Great on gas and fun to drive. Something to think about as I am going to be getting a new car in the next year or so.

-I work in the insurance industry and from time to time I hear about odd and interesting things. It seems that recently a certain pseudo-celebrity product endorser was recently in an accident where he was a passenger in a car that was hit and he was slightly injured. I probably can't tell you who it was but I guarantee that you would know exactly who I was talking about.

-Remember back a few weeks ago when I was almost run over coming out of Subway by a UM fan? Well I had a Deja-vu sort of. Monday I went for a $5 footlong and as I am exiting the Subway there is a car coming at me with a Florida Gator license plate. I refused to leave the sidewalk until that car was way out of the way... I know how crazy those Gators are!

-BTW this note is to Paige of Starting all Over Again. I am not ignoring your blog... For some strange reason my work computer eats any comments I try and make. I bet I tried 4-5 times the other day to comment on your post about the house inspection.

- I had a customer in my follow up list the other day whose last name was 'Faile' How bad is it that the first thing I thought about was that would be a cool name to have on your Twitter account?

-My wife sure does make good chocolate chip cookies!

-I got a spam e-mail the other day that said it was sent from "El Bano de Espinoza" and I had to laugh. Now I don't know a whole lot of Spanish but I do know that I guess I just got an e-mail from the toilet of Espinoza. I think the spammer meant to send it from the Banco de Espinoza. LOL!

-As the Olympics are starting to wind to a close I have gotten a bunch of web traffic because of posts and rants about the lack of success of the US curling team. The best however is someone who found YJKOBT by a google search of the terms "John Shuster Cage Match"

-My prediction for the 4 people going home tonight on American Idol should be Lacey Brown, Tim Urban, Jermaine Sellers, and Haeley Vaughn. Now who really goes home who knows. After week one the Best female singer is Katie Stevens and best male is Casey James.

Until next week...



The AbsolutGator said...

Doc is correct...pedestrians have the right of way my ass!

Only bad thing about opening a Chick-Fil-A franchise is that you go/open one where they want, not where you want. But, they do pretty much print their own money. I know a guy that has two and he does extremely well.

Anonymous said...

They make a Mini that is a little bigger now and has 4 doors. They're neat looking.

I have heard that song, too. And no, I wouldn't either.

Chick-fil-a is awesome. I think it's cool that the franchise is closed on Sundays due to the owner's religious beliefs and it still thrives.

Dianne said...

'bad hair life' !!!
I love that and join you

Schmoop said...

Chik-Fil-A RAWKS...but of course you already knew I felt that way. Cheers Doc!!

Anonymous said...

Its funny you should mention the bad hair life..LOL!

Disposable razor blades suck! Every time I go to the store to buy some for me or my husband it takes me 30 min. to figure out which is the best deal.

I here ya on the Mini Coop… them. My only issue with some people that have those or any little car like that is they don’t know how to drive them.
They probably make a rehab for Twitter addiction ……I think you need help!

Paige said...

I don't think it's your computer. My blog was making comments disappear for a while there. I think I got it fixed but, if it happens again, let me know. And don't worry, I never think people are ignoring me! LOL

And the Chick-Fil-A logo made my tummy growl. And it's funny because, when you mentioned their drive-thru, I realized that there isn't one in the vicinity that even HAS a drive-thru.

Doc said...

Absolut - I figured you would like that about the Gator car... I thought of you as I was waiting

Mrs. D - I have driven them... They are great. just a pain with the car seat thing.

Dianne - We can sulk together!

Schmoop - Thanks for visiting and take care of Matt Man

Belle - Thought you might like that...

Paige - I will have to try again later...

jennifer said...

Oh shoot. Me too on the bad hair life.

Chick-Fil-A has awesome food, pleasant service, and my money. I eat there way too often.

Very sweet that your wife's cookies made your list :)

Karen said...

I have never seen a Chic-fil-a. I guess we don't have them here.

I love "bad hair life". My friend Joanne is having one of those. But none of us tell her that.

I'd rather feel nothing than hurt - well, if there was nothing to take my pain away. But I love, love Lady Antebellum.

My friend's boyfriend has a mini and they are surprisingly roomy. I am not a mini person and I fit in the back seat just fine.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Weird, I mentioned CFA on 3 Men and A Lady's blog earlier!

And technically, bano means bathroom, but it's still funny!

Why did they call Tim Urban back? Did someone of the original 12 leave? I still can't figure that out. But, yeah, he sucked donkey dicks last night.

Christine said...

Kewl lookin' car. Any chocolate cookies left? And how much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

Doc said...

Jennifer - The cookies are delish. I m having one for dessert with my lunch

Karen - Well when you come visit Charlotte we must get you to Chick-Fil-A

ETW - Chris GoLightly was booted off the show for having a contract conflict. Urban was a very weak choice to bring back

Christine - you know I'll always share my cookies with you!

Disaster Chick said...

In Kansas Chick-Fil-A is only located in a mall. It is on the second floor so no drive through. They are the only eatery that is constantly busy. Not sure how Subarro is still existing...

@ Southern Belle - people don't know how to drive small cars? I'm surprised! People don't seem to know how to drive the trucks/SUVs around here.

Doc said...

Disaster Chick - good to see you! Sbarro is yummy though. I have been known to go to a mall just to get a slice!

Candice said...

CFA is ALWAYS packed. I told Brent I want to start up a franchise. I wouldn't be able to fit through the door, so he said no.

Doc said...

Candice - We can start one together...

terri said...

I've never eaten at Chik-Fil-A. We don't have them around here.

I think something is up with Blogger. One of the blogs I read every day won't let me post with my Google ID. I can post by entering my name & URL, but not with my Google ID. That is the only blogger blog I have trouble with.

Mandy said...

A friend of mine's daughter owns a Chic Fil A franchise, gold mine.

Funny tid bits today. Bad hair life...I don't think I've ever seen your hair look different in all the years I've known

Four Dinners said...

After McDonalds and Burger King..not to mention er...that other place...Taco Bell!..That's it...

If I see a Chick-Fil-A drive thru in England I will personally find a way of nuking you.

So there.