Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Random Thoughts 2/11/2010

Stuff I have been thinking about:

-What are you thinking trying to be a gangsta John Mayer? Using the N-Word and saying that your little Johnnie is a racist isn't going to win you any fans there buddy. You deserve whatever bad press and backlash that you get. Oh and one more thing we all already knew that Jessica was a tigress in bed. We didn't need your bragging to prove it.

-So just to update, that urinal that I mentioned in last Thursday's Random thoughts as being broken was mysteriously fixed earlier this week. Maybe our maintenance guy reads YJKOBT.

-Last week I was literally almost run over buy a guy in a truck with a UM license plate on the front of it. I was leaving Subway with my five dollar footlong and he was coming through the parking lot. He was talking on his cell and I stopped at the curb to let him pass. He clearly motioned with his hand for me to go and so I did. As soon as I step off the curb he speeds up and crosses right in front of me. Good grief you A-Hole! I guess the lesson here is that even in North Carolina fans of "Da-U" are idiots.

-Does anyone else think that it's no coincidence that February, the shortest month of the year is also wellness month?

-What exactly is the difference between "organic" and "all natural" ?

-Talk about a big letdown. After the Indianapolis Colts lost in the Super Bowl this past Sunday they flew home and were greeted at the airport by a grand total of 11 fans. That's right 11. There were probably more TSA workers there than that. Colts fans way to show up and support your team. In one other little bit of irony it turns out that the Reebok factory that is responsible for making all the newly printed New Orleans Saints Super Bowl champion T-shirts is located where? You guessed it. Right outside of Indianapolis.

-Today is one of those really great days every year. The Thursday before the Daytona 500 is when the twin Duel races are. I have TiVo set to record the races since I am at work so in the afternoon I turn off the radio and try and stay off the computer so I won't accidentally find out how my drivers finished. This year with the advent of Twitter on my phone it will present an even bigger challenge. I think I am going to have to turn off my phone at 2.

-I really don't like the use of the term "shuttered" Even though it may be correct English it just doesn't sound right to me. Last week President Obama was talking about how many businesses were shuttered last year and it just bothered me. New pet peeve.

-Here is one more nugget for you all... We had someone fired this past week for accidentally hitting "Reply all" to a corporate message that went out and her response was profane... Be careful out there with the e-mail folks...

Until Next week...



Dianne said...

Mayer needs to just shut up and sing!

I always count to 10 before I hit send on an e-mail

Anonymous said...

Yikes... I have a huge fear of doing that with email or IM.

About John Mayer, I bet Jessica was happy for the publicity. It's not cool to kiss and tell but I bet it made her smile, anyway.

Disaster Chick said...

I'm not sure why any woman with fame would be interested in John Mayer. After Jessica and Jennifer the guy has shown no discretion, and uses them to boost his fame.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has repeatedly stated that "Your Body is a Wonderland" is not about her.

Disaster Chick said...

The driver is a jerk. Maybe he wanted a free $5 footlong.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

John Mayer is a bug-eyed turd. I've never even heard his music and I have no inclination to look it up.

Mandy said...

So excited about racing. Really wishing I were home to watch them!

Shocking there were only 11 fans at the airport. Fair weather fans.

Did you see the billboard Minnesota fans put up in Mississippi near Favre's house? It was in our paper today-u should google it.

Jay said...

You could probably find the race on the internet somewhere if you really wanted to.

John Mayer got carried away. He's in love with his own coolness and probably thought he was being deep and insightful as well as edgy. But, that was some stupid stuff to say. Even about Jessica. It was rude and not at all gentlemanly to talk about her like that. Even though I'm sure he thought he was being complimentary towards her.

I had enough of Colts fans when they started booing their team in game 15 and then whined non-stop about not going for a perfect season. That got old super fast.

The Mountain Cat said...

And isn't it racist that black history month is shortest month of the year?

Four Dinners said...

Who Mayer? Who Jessica?

I know nowt.

WTF is a five dollar foot long????

Haven't a scooby.

I once sent an e-mail telling another union rep - who was doubting his ability - that he was very good. He'd actually replaced me in my old cargo shed as I'd gone to the main shed as 'Acting Union Convenor'

I said 'the manager will be thinking not another fucking good rep' to make him feel better and mailed it to the manager...oops

The manager had a good sense of humour though and mailed back saying "You can read my mind now???"

Karen said...

I have never heard of twin duel. Is that really a thing? Nascar and racing stuff is just not a thing in North Jersey. NO ONE who I know follows it. I wonder why that is.

Loni's World said...

lol there have been sooooooo many incidents of reply to all emails at my past job, you would think people would look before they send!


Christine said...

Good advice about the email. I once got in a load of shit with my mother for typing to my sister what a dumb ass mom was for an email she sent and..yup...replied to all. Including my mother AND my dad.

I was mentally making a plan to break into their house and delete it but alas, they saw it first.

Doc said...

LOL - I forgot to mention that even though I think she was joking she used the dreaded "c-word" about the person she was supposedly replying to in this e-mail.... Reading it I was like whaaaaa? Did I actually just read that?

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I HATE the c-word. Way too graphic.

Four Dinners said...


Country? county? Creedance Clearwater Revival?

...confused (another c-word!) of England...;-)

Just me... said...

There are non-idiot fans of Miami?! :)

Anonymous said...

Guess since the urinal is fixed you can stop pissing in the bushes outside?

Will Shealy said...

Organic just means it's pesticide and hormone-free. It's amazing how easy it is to get away with saying something is organic. All Natural just makes me laugh. How could it not be? I personally have never seen supernatural food. (Peeps excluded).

Daytona - yeah, sorry, like I told Mandy, I don't get it. Cars going in circles. Again. And again. Ooh, look, another circle. If it gets really exciting something might explode. With someone inside it. Okay, rant over.

"Shuttered" - yeah, that's bad.