Friday, February 12, 2010

Half Way There!

I am proud to report that as of this posting I am officially halfway to my goal of walking 100 miles in a effort to be healthier and be in somewhat better shape. Yes Since I started I have been trying to do about a mile per day at work usually during my lunch hour and keeping track of the miles on my trusty Sportline pedometer. Just like the one pictured here.

50 miles. Now that its done I guess it doesn't seem like as much as it sounds. But still I can't let up. I still need to keep averaging over 5.5 miles a week to make it to my goal of 100 miles before the NBA playoffs start. Gotta keep walking!



Anonymous said...

Way to go! Hopefully I'll hit my goal by then, too.

Mandy said...


Will Shealy said...


terri said...


I need to get a pedometer. When I run outside, I really have no idea how far I've gone and I'm sure it's not as far as I'd hoped.

Lu' said...

Good for you Doc. Keep on steppin'