Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The YJKOBT Curse... An Open letter to 107.9 The Link

Everyone has heard about the Sports Illustrated curse and the Curse of the Bambino. I am here to offer a new curse to add to the list. The YJKOBT curse. This curse struck while I was away in New York. You will remember back just a week or two ago to this post detailing my 'Best of" list for 2009. In this list I had high praise for the very topical and funny Candy and Potter Show on 107.9 the link in Charlotte, NC. I praised it for being the best of the three main shows they offer there. I like Bob and Sheri and The Matt and Ramona show on this same station, (previously praising them on this blog) but in my estimation in the past year the Candy and Potter show really stepped up their game including a late year admission that they were expecting their first child in May of 2010.
Late last week while I was in NY this show was cancelled by 107.9 The Link with a simple statement saying that they were "moving in different direction."In response to that I decided to give this new show a listen to see what that direction was. Apparently that new direction involves pretty much just music. The new host Kelley McKay gives abrupt one liners and little quips in between endless back to back songs. She asks for calls but takes very few. (possibly because it didn't take people long to figure out it's not worth calling) and the ones she does take are brief and ended awkwardly. This does not follow the mantra stated by Greater Media's Bill White who thinks that, "Her style is fun and interactive which enables our listeners to be the "co-host" of the show." Also this new direction lasts an extra hour (10 am - 3 pm) taking an hour away from Matt and Ramona (admittedly this was their original start time).
Basically what The Link and their parent company Greater Media have done is tell the public that music and drive by commentary are more important than a pair of folks who not only moved to Charlotte to take a job but at the same time really dove in and immersed themselves in this city. Candy and Potter dedication to the area and their community involvement wasn't just done as a part of their contract. You can tell that they did these things because they enjoyed them and felt a sense of dedication to charities and those less fortunate in this area. Apparently to Greater Media, not the same company that originally owned the station when they were hired community involvement is not what matters. I suggest that this decision is wrong and that the other shows will suffer because they cancelled Candy and Potter.
Like I previously stated I like both Bob and Sheri and Matt and Ramona but I don't listen to the radio during work days for music. I listen to be informed and entertained and I can certainly find that elsewhere from 10 -3. I just hope that I can remember to change the channel back unless I like really like what I find somewhere else. Now I know that this blog is not the most wide read thing on the web but I can almost guarantee that every time I mention one of the radio shows that someone (probably Angela) from 107.9 the link will read it. Please pass on to Neal Sharpe, Bill White, or whoever is in charge now that there has been a change in management. At least this member of the music advisory panel is not happy with this decision. I am not one who makes ultimatums because who knows what the future holds, but your station's listeners have certainly be hurt by this decision and by extension your advertisers as well. I will certainly be listening less.
Oh and let's hope this YJKOBT curse doesn't continue because I also said recently that I like the Jay Leno show... Oh Whoops!


Your regularly scheduled YJKOBT snarkiness will return tomorrow.


3 Men and a Lady said...

I hope your curse DOES work on Jay Leno. He's #1 douchebag in my book.

But I am sorry that your radio dj sucks now. Did you find out why they "moved in a different direction"?

Kim said...

As someone not from your area but a huge fan of Bob and Sheri I would sometimes listen (on-line) to Candy and Potter. I am sorely disappointed they got cancelled *sad face*

Chandra said...

I don't know who they are nor have I ever heard their show..but I too have had many of my favorie shows cancelled or worse stations re-format entirely to a different music style for NO reason...I feel for you. Maybe they will get syndicated or something depeding on how big their following was.

Bina said...

I used to love listening to the Bob and Sheri show but I haven't been able to get listen to them for about two years now. Bummer.

And, uh, I like the Jay Leno show, too. WTF????

Doc said...

Thanks for your comments... From the looks of traffic the people this blog was intended for have read this already.... but the most important ones have not yet.
Sorry for ranting on something local like this but I just had too. Tomorrow will be back to more fun stuff like American Idol.

Mandy said...

After reading about Candy and Potter Show on your blog, I was looking forward to checking it out while I was in town. I was quite disappointed by what I heard instead. I can understand your frustrations. Hope your message gets to the right person.

Lu' said...

OK OK I'm here now at least one of the important ones has been accounted for. Wait that would be in my own mind :)

Anonymous said...

Your way of expressing ideas is cute! I would definitely like to read some more posts.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I really like your posts, but how can I add your site to my favorites?