Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tweet of the Week Award 1/20/10

I am introducing a new feature here on YJKOBT. The Tweet of the Week! (only kind of stolen from Sports Illustrated columnist Peter King) I follow a bunch of great and funny people on Twitter and often laugh or cringe at the things they say. I am going to use this space each week to highlight some of these great tweets. This weeks winner is @susantran for her hilarious Tweet about American Idol and the lack of Asian pop singers:
An Asian dude is an American Idol hopeful. Cool! I'm afraid we might not be a hugely musical people! Plz submit names of #asianpopstars! :) Here is the permalink to this Tweet.
I have included a funny picture of Susan supporting Charity by "growing" a mustache. Susan is a local Charlotte news personality who not only lots of fun as a tweeter but is also a big supporter of local charities:

Susan: Here is your Tweet of the Week award if you want to post it on your blog. And if you send me the address of your blog I will gladly post it here for others to read and follow:

Until next week keep tweeting and of course if you have a twitter feed I need to be following please let me know.



Kat said...

Ha! Fun idea!

Four Dinners said...


Twitter is exactly that. A load of twitter from bored people who think the entire world could give a shit about what they think and what they're doing.


I'm a cynical old bastard.


Too many twits make a twat...;-)

Love n hugs from England...

The Mountain Cat said...

She's hot.

Micky-T said...

Just because I'm a twit doesn't mean I'm going to sign up to be a tweeter.
It's a good idea, run with it!