Wednesday, January 20, 2010

OK, So apparently I have too many coats

I have a confession to make. My name is Doc and I am a coat whore. Very recently it has been pointed out to me by my wife that I just may have an issue with this so I have decided to come clean. I know I have picked on women for having to many shoes in the past so I now must confess my own failing. Coats. After using a gift card to buy a New York Mets jacket while up in NY the other week my wife asks me, "Why in the heck do you need another coat?" My response, "Oh I don't have too many coats."
"Go count them!" I'm told. So I did. I made an inventory. Here is a picture of our downstairs hall closet:

Between this closet and in my closet upstairs I have:

1 Carolina Panthers Heavy Duty Coat
3 Panthers pullovers (heavy, medium, and light)
1 Panthers lightweight coat
1 Panthers Windbreaker
1 New York Mets Heavy Coat
1 Mets pullover
1 Company logo Windbreaker
1 Company logo Parka
1 Dupont Jeff Gordon Jacket
1 FSU pullover
1 FSU Windbreaker
2 FSU Coats (heavy and light) + I recently gave my nephew my FSU letter jacket
3 Fleeces (2 full and 1 vest)
1 Everyday Windbreaker
1 Everyday heavy coat
1 Dress overcoat
1 Everyday light jacket
1 Rain Coat

For a total of 23 coats/jackets/pullovers. (Too be fair that closet picture also has 2 of my wife's coats and 3 of my son's as well) Is this excessive? Maybe. Now I don't live in an area known for super cold weather but sometimes it can be unpredictable. These coats are not being wasted. I promise that I have worn each of these within the past year. Probably more than once.

So there is my confession. I am a coat whore. Even so I can give good reason for having and keeping each and every one. How many do I plan on getting rid of? Well None actually. I already gave away one last year. As a matter of fact I am thinking there is room in there for me to get another one. (or two)



Mandy said...

Ok, so I won't try to explain the shoes to you, but you try to explain the coats...huh. See a correlation, there??

FYI, it's a guy thing, I believe. My husband is the same way. USC coats, Packer coats, dress coats, racing jackets,windbreakers, fleece, vests, etc...crazy stuff.

Southern Belle said...
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Southern Belle said...

Sorry....did I did not proof read! I think you need to put them all on at one time and snap a picture. You Joey off of Friends did with ALL of Chandlers clothes!

Paul Wynn said...

LOL, your collection of coats consist of some very bright colors and given that you live in a very cold place.

Karen said...

Ok. Here is my take. You are not a coat whore. I have probably more coats and jackets than you do. However, you are a novelty sports wear whore. Seriously!! I don't see the need for more than one "team" jacket. Sweatshirts and hats, even a jersey or two - ok. But the jacket commitment is a bit much. Where do you where these? Work? Out to social occasions?

Karen said...

That should be "where do you wear..." Sorry.

Doc said...

Mandy - Hmmm a guy thing. Maybe so

Belle - You really want to see 20 some pics of me? You must be crazy!

Paul - Thank you Sir. I am proud of them

Karen - Don't even get me started on the jerseys. That is my real hidden problem.

3 Men and a Lady said...

Just like my husband.

Before we had our 2nd baby last summer I did some heavy duty junk purging from around the house. Guess who had more crap in the closets than me? About 15 coats (of which he wore ONE)and tons of clothes that he's had since the early 90s! LOL. I got rid of a lot of the clothes, but he still wouldn't let me get rid of the coats. I'd die if he wore his giant puffy Dolphins parka, it's awful.

And I don't see a naked Kim K in that closet at. Where's she hiding? ;-)

Matt-Man said...

For Godssakes Fancy Boy. Seek help. Cheers Doc!!

Paige said...

You know I could seriously use more coats. I have two. One old, mostly worn out black dress coat and one new dark grey dress coat. I honestly hate wearing them. I only have them because I walk to work and would die otherwise.

Eternally Distracted said...

Wow, A coat addict - that's a new one on me!! That is a seriously large amount of coats!

Southern Belle said...

Doc...That would be a NO! Put them ALL on at 1 time(THE LAYERED LOOK)then take 1 picture. Guess you don't watch Friends.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I think we all have our little "addictions", but really, that is a lot of coats. I have 3, one for rainy days, one for mildly cold weather and one for really cold weather. I have a variety of shoes (left overs from my office working days), but I only wear 2 pair. One in the winter and one in the summer.

The Mountain Cat said...

No so bad Doc. I have about the same amount. How many sports jerseys do you have?

Doc said...

3 Men - I bet that Dolphins Parka is sweet looking!

Matty - I am no fancy boy!

Distracted - Thank you for finding my little slice of heaven. I look forward to reading your blog.

Belle - I haven't watched friends in years (decades maybe)

ETW - I could never survive with only 3 coats... never

MT. Cat - Im gonna save the jerseys for another post another day. I am really addicted to those

Chandra said...

You dirty coat whore!

Now remember this the next time your wife wants to buy another pair of shoes...

Once a coat whore always a coat whore! LOL!

Jay said...

Wow. I have one hoodie and one heavy coat. That's it. I'm a minimalist when it comes to jackets and coats. haha

Ginger Snaps said...

Jeff Gordon? That's all I got.

Doc said...

Chandra - LOL - you mean there is no hope for me to be reformed?

Jay - Coat minimalism is for sissys unless you live in Miami and you don't. HA!

Ginger - Jeffie lives down the street from me..

jennifer said...

Never really bought into the whole global warming thing, didja?

3 Men and a Lady said...

Read your tweet regardging Luke Wilson... are you serious? He's no Gerard Butler, but he's hot nonetheless.

Sis Chris said...

I think it's fabulous! Just don't get a fur!

Doc said...

Jennifer - LOL - Oh Im all on board with the GW

3 Men - Are we talking about the same person? The At&T commercials. Im a guy and obviously not the best judge of guy hotness but I think he is kind of dorky (like me) BTW - are you on Twitter? What is your Tweet name?

Sis Chris - Welcome back! and no Fur but I do have leather.

Kat said...

Holy coats, Batman! Yowsa!

3 Men and a Lady said...

Yes! Owen Wilson's brother! He's so cute! And no, I'm not on Twitter, I read your tweet on your sidebar. Twitter confuses me.

Four Dinners said...

Thank fuck you haven't a coat of many colors (note I spelt colours the American way out of respect...)

That would have finished me!!!!

Candice said...

You like your coats like I like my lipgloss. ;)

Christine said...

Totally agree with Karen. It isn't like you have a coat for every pair of pants or situation. You have tons of fun jackets and stuff that "represent".

Personally I think you are missing a black wool dress coat.

terri said...

I don't think that's excessive! Especially if you actually wear them. It's only a problem if, like my husband, you have 20 jackets and only ever wear one of them.

Anonymous said...

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