Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday Random Thoughts 12/3/2009

Stuff I have been thinking about:

-It still amazes me that someone would name their kid Blanket.

-I am probably the last person in the world to realize this but my goodness the Beyonce video for "Single Ladies" is amazingly hot!

- I guarantee that if myself and another guy were discussing a woman's chest in the way that two female co-workers were discussing Taylor Lautner's chest in New Moon the other day we would be written up for sexual harassment. The words drool and bite were each said at least twice.

-It's been awhile since anyone has heard anything about OJ Simpson. Something tells me that the Brown and Goldman families both said they were thankful that the Juice is finally behind bars when they sat down for Thanksgiving dinner.

-Interesting Stat Counter note of the week: Our blog was actually linked to the Huffington Post this week for our blog post on Celebrity body parts that you may or may not want. Pretty sweet! We got a few hits from it including one from Saudi Arabia.

-While driving through the state of Maryland the other day I was reminded that for some reason that state just smells bad. Kind of like lower South Carolina. Yuck, glad I don't live there.

-While changing my son's diaper recently I realized exactly how much of a sponge he has become. Apparently he has been spending too much time with his 6 year old cousin because he
was chanting something that sounded strangely like "Yo Ho Ho, I'll kick your butt!" over and over again.

- Have you ever wondered why they call it Miracle Whip?

-I don't like Adam Lambert as a singer or performer. I never have and probably won't. I also have nothing against homosexuals or gay marriage but hey Adam don't try and say that because I say that I don't like your singing or performances that I'm prejudiced or homophobic. People still have the right to like or dislike whatever they want to in this country. Get over yourself, you are only trying to sell your album anyway.

-It's been getting dangerous recently to see what people are willing to do just to land a gig on a reality show. First we had the whole Balloon Boy fiasco and now we have these idiots gate crashing at the White House. This craze has gone past silly and has gotten downright serious. I hope they make an example of these idiots and that the Secret Service takes the clue and tightens up their security as well.

-Oh Tiger Tiger Tiger, you have really stepped in it this time. Not that it's right but you have to realize that as a high profile person that the second things go south people will turn on you and sell you out for a few bucks from TMZ or the National Enquirer. You know better than this and I hope you work things out with your wife. Make this a valuable lesson and also hire yourself some better PR people.... And don't leave voice mails and text messages for hoochies either.



3 Men and a Lady said...

I bet you really hated hearing 2 talk about biting and drooling together ;-) But yes, guys WOULD probably get in trouble for being that descriptive.

That's awesome about getting linked to the HP!

Karen said...

The most disturbing part of the Tiger situation in my opinion is that his Vegas "girlfriend" saved every text message in a 2+ year relationship. Seriously? She wasn't looking to turn on him or anything, right?

And I do like Adam Lambert. But I don't like anyone simulating oral sex like. And especially becuase he has American Idol fame - and that draws younger viewers. He took a chance and it blew up in his face. (insert oral sex joke there)

Southern Belle said...

"Yo Ho Ho, I'll kick your butt!" That is funny, but very typical of a boy. Just wait it may get worse. My son 2 years ago while my husband was sleeping on the couch went up and put his little finger up to his daddy’s nose and started giggling. His daddy woke up with quite a bad smell. Guess way his finger stunk? Never know where they get these things.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love "Single Ladies" and "Halo" and her style is completely opposite of my normal musical tastes. She does have a lovely voice!

Our almost 4 yr old daughter asks her daddy every time she crawls up on his lap, "Am I on your privates?" LOL.

Four Dinners said...

Our UK system of justice is just as crap as yours is but even we would have had OJ behind bars before you did!!!

Biting and drooling eh? And from women too!! That's my kinda bar!!!

hoochies? New one on me. I presume it's your word for a right old slapper eh?...;-)

Tammy said...

Sucked having to explain this to my son...he really liked Tiger and then we watched the Jay Leno show and laughed at the skit!

Never liked Adam Lambert...YUCK!

Doc said...

Im glad Im not the only one who doesn't like Adam Lambert...

Ginger Snaps said...

I try to make a point of NEVER thinking of Adam Lambert and Miracle Whip at the same time. Just sayin...

Thanks for visiting my blog. You're a funny dude.

Babe in Babeland said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It was so fun to read your post. You are hilarious. I look forward to reading more!

jennifer said...

Nooooo, the Huffington Post? Dude! You are famous now!

A local radio station Tweeted me... that was kind of cool...


Dianne said...

Lambert just annoys me but most people who come off AI annoy me, they have an odd persona
maybe it's me but they all seem manufactured, much like Disney stars do

as for poor and apparently very active Tiger - oh well
this society pays far too much attention to the private lives of public people

3 Men and a Lady said...

I forgot to say that I also strongly dislike Adam Lambert... GROSS.