Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Out of Order

SORRY BUT YJKOBT is OUT of ORDER TODAY... WE WILL RETURN WHEN DOC ISN'T BUSY AS CRAP AT WORK.... Feel free to comment though if you wish.
P.S. - I promise I will get caught up on my blog reading and commenting soon too.


Four Dinners said...

You used the 'W' word.

Oh dear....

Happy New Year (and please don't swear anymore).....;-)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Work? Does anyone actually go to work the last 2 weeks of December??? LOL.

terri said...

Things are so slow in my office that it's usually when I get most of my blogging and commenting done. Hope things ease up for you soon!

jennifer said...

LOL! I have felt that way for weeks! I am SO glad the holidays are OVER (but I was am thankful to say Happy Birthday Jesus).

Happy New Year Doc!!