Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hitting the high Notes - 12/31/09

OK let's close out the year with one final look at some odd news stories I have found in the past few weeks:

-Just had to share this one: Here is a quote from a Charlotte Observer online article about Tara Reid's Playboy Cover. "Um, Tara? We're very sorry about your botched plastic surgery, but we're not sure the way to show the world that you're okay is to be on the cover of Playboy sporting clown boobs and raccoon eyes and looking like you have to pee." HA! Sounds exactly like I wrote it but I didn't. Credit goes to someone named Andrea Reiher.

-You may want to think twice before sending your kid to this daycare. The owners were busted for selling moonshine right out of the area where the kids were kept. They confiscated 86 gallons of the hooch. Oh and by the way the owners say they were set up. Sure you were... You just keep on believing that!

-Nothing terribly exciting in this story about a couple of snatch and grab burglars at our local Tiffany store other than the name of one of the robbers. His name Dean Patrick Griswold. It seems that around Christmastime there is always something going on with the Griswolds. I think when you are blessed (or cursed) with the name Griswold you certainly have something to live up to in life. It seems Dean Patrick certainly is doing his part.

- What should we do to save the environment? Use "green" vibrators of course! The article details how the sex toy industry uses tons of batteries that make toxic waste and so an Irish company tho has created green vibrators. "You just flip out the handle, grab a hold of it there, and you just wind it," said Janice O'Connor, the co-founder with her husband Chris, of Caden Enterprises which makes the gadget.
"So for four minutes of doing that, you should generate enough power to give you 30 minutes of full-on, right-to-the top vibrations," she told AFP.
She added: "I've only used it a couple of times, and it's fantastic. It's very intense, and sometimes, at the top level, depending on the person that's using it, it can actually be too intense sometimes. So ladies, are you ready to switch for 2010?

-Finally another Charlotte story about our local politician idiot Bill James. This guy is famous here locally for his intolerance of others and he may have gone over the top this time. During a County commission meeting where same sex partner benefits were being debated another commissioner whose son had died of AIDS was speaking. After she was finished this guy Bill James had the nerve to ask. "Your son was a homo, really?" At first he tried to deny it but it was caught on tape. I mean for real, no matter what your stance on the matter is that is just plain classless.

OK that's hitting the high notes for now... We will be back in 2010 with plenty of other odd news and morons doing stupid stuff. Enjoy!



Kim said...

So I guess foreplay would be winding up with "green" dildo?

Four Dinners said...

enviromentally friendly vibrators?

who recycles them?????

Jay said...

Remember Tara Reid back in the day? Like when she was in "American Pie?" She was the last person on Earth who needed any kind of plastic surgery. I think she's the cover girl for body image issues gone crazy.

And as for that bigot in Charlotte ... The only thing that pisses me off more than people like him, are the people who actually vote for him.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

That politician needs to work on his "gatekeeper" - you know the guy who censors what's about to come out of your mouth before you say it - and look like King Douche.

Happy New Year!

Will Shealy said...

If they voted for Helms, (aka the Devil), then they'll vote for him. What's striking to me is that the first thing that occured to him was not her son's tragic death, but the shock that he was a "homo." Really? Really? And Tara Reid - wow, what a tragedy in and of itself. She's going the way of Melanie Griffith if she's not careful. Let's see if her lips explode this year.

Anonymous said...

What an asshole. Some people just really don't need to talk, ever. And poor Tara Reid. She tries so hard. And she DOES look like she has to pee really badly.

Doc said...

LOL - Yeah I thought that description of Tara Reid what classic!

Mandy said...

Wow, what a mixture of "high notes"...from Tara Reid (poor, poor girl) to "green" vibrators" to dumbass politicians...

Enjoy seeing what "high notes" you come up with each week, always quite entertaining!

terri said...

Green vibrators! I love it! But... I have to wonder... when you're really in the mood, who wants to spend four minutes winding it up first? Maybe we could all just buy rechargeable batteries instead?

Happy New Year, Doc!

Kat said...

"Green" vibrators!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

Joker_SATX said...

Odd..or not so odd...thing is that, that cover doesn't even look like Tara Reid.

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