Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hitting the high Notes 12/4/2009

Things I have read in the news recently that I thought might interest you:

-How would you like being adopted and later finding out that your father is Charles Manson? As someone who was adopted I figure that my reaction would be just about as strong as poor Matthew Roberts did. Yikes!

-You say that you don't know who Sarah Henderson is? Well I didn't either until I read this article. It seems that Sarah's daddy Fritz is newly resigned (or fired) CEO of General Motors and she is really not happy about it. And I mean really. What was her response? She took to facebook and posted a profanity laced tirade that would make Richard Pryor proud on GM's own fan page! Give it a read it's hilarious and sounds just like a spoiled teenage girl ranting. I think she is even trying to be funny by using the word 'shift' in an interesting way. Either that or she was drunk and can't type. Which is possible too.

-Apparently raging bulls injured people on the set of Tom Cruise's new movie being filmed in Spain. The Spanish government has shut down filming citing safety concerns. My question is this. Since when is Spain concerned about safety when bulls are running loose and have they ever thought about shutting down Pamplona?

-Here is a local story from Charlotte, NC about a new high school they will be building. What is so odd about this you ask? Well there is a huge controversy because of who they want to name the school after. No they aren't trying to name it after Jesse Helms, this school is meant to honor a principal named W.A. Hough Jr. who was instrumental in the integration of the schools. The controversy come in with parents who are worried that that their children will be made fun of because their kids may be going to "Ho High." Even though this Principal's name is pronounced "Huff." Seriously people get a life.

-OK wrapping things up with a story of small town corruption. Nothing newsworthy here you say? I say dig a little deeper. Remember back to 1994 when Susan Smith claimed that a black man kidnapped her two children when in fact she had drowned them in a lake? The case was national news and one of the main figures was Sheriff Howard Wells who basically broke the case and got Susan to confess. He was hailed as a hero at the time. Oh how times have changed. It seems that the good sheriff is in trouble with the feds for among other things tax evasion. And I always thought he was a good guy.
Until next time... keep reading the news!


Mandy said...

Ho High? Really? WOW...some people can make anything "controversial" can't they? LOL...

I heard about Wells the other day. I was really surprised. I always thought he was a really good guy, too. South Carolina is really good at grabbing the headlines these days...

As far as being adopted and finding out Manson was your dad, I would start kissing the feet of my adoptive parents! And get the name of a very good therapist...LOL!

Four Dinners said...

-How would you like being adopted and later finding out that your father is Charles Manson?

I'd loooooove it!!!! I'd make a fortune!!!!!! (and I am adopted too)....I wonder....;-)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I am also adopted, but I know my biological dad isn't Charles Manson. I've met and have a good relationship with my bio mom and sister. That is a weird story, though!

Doc said...

Cool, lot of other adopted folks here.. you learn something new everyday!

3 Men and a Lady said...

I would totally freak if I found out my biological parents were crazy killers! I'm not adopted so I know my family is just crazy. No killing here. Yet. ;-)

I like Paula Deen so I had a hard time laughing at her ham in the face. I just couldn't get joy out it like I did when Fabio got hit in the face with a bird. THAT was great!

jennifer said...

"Ho High"... HAHAHAHAHAHA! The middle school is the Paxton Intermediate Middle Prepratory School (initials P.I.M.P.S.)

....aaaand based on my reaction, maybe those parents have a point.

Marie said...

"Ho High" LOL! Those parents must have been mean kids or kids who were mercilessly picked on by mean kids. I would not have come up with that. It's Huff. Huff High. I don't know maybe I'm lame but I didn't see the jump to Ho until you pointed out. :)