Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh Sweet Mullet please don't make a comeback

Check this out. When we were at the FSU Wake Forrest game on Saturday I saw this guy sitting in the row in front of us who is rocking the sweet mullet in 2009. There was a blog post about someone else seeing a mullet last week that got me concerned this fashion disaster hairstyle may be trying to make a comeback. After seeing this gentleman on Saturday I am in full fledged panic mode that the mullet may be back:

My wife pointed out that the worst part of this deal was that he was in our section and was cheering for FSU. I can't even try and pass him off as a Wake fan. YIKES!



Southern Belle said...

Looks better than the 50 year old I saw the other day with a tied dyed shirt on and hair down his back, dropping his kid off at school or grandkid!

Dianne said...

I've seen a few too!!
we must stop the carnage

Lu' said...

Ha to each his or her own I say. Gives us people watcher something to look at :)

3 Men and a Lady said...

What I'd like to know is how the hell this became a hairstyle to start with.

jennifer said...

His style is cut awfully short on the side. Are you sure it wasn't just a limp Mowhawk? Someone get him some little blue hair gel and BAM! He's stylish.

Not so much, huh.

Doc said...

I just almost spit out my water laughing @ "limp mowhawk"


Evil Twin's Wife said...

It's kind of like a modified mullet, but a mullet all the same! The sad thing is that he probably thinks he looks totally rad, man!

Four Dinners said...

Mullets should incur the death penalty.

Not that you'd know who I'm on about but, one of the greatest ever England International Soccer (proper football) players was Chris Waddle. His mullet was legendary.

He even brought a record out with another England International mullet legend, Glenn Hoddle.

Sadly, rather than Hoddle & Waddle they released the song as 'Glenn and Chris'. Shame. 'Hoddle & Waddle With Their Mullets' would have gone down in legend forever!

Just so yer know...;-)

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Nooooooooooo! Say it aint so! I went to a Tesla concert last week and there was a mullet there. In fact there were several folks still sporting their 80's hair. And it was real. The mullet guy, my cousin was trying to take a pic of his hair and the guy next to him said, "Man, I know what your doing. And I am glad you are bc I wanted to do it too!" Next thing you know there were about 6 people all trying to be inconspicuous in getting the mullet pic. LOL!