Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Top Ten Discontinued Consumer Products Due to this Recession

(Besides Zima):

10. Tabasco Pepper Spray

9. Lamborghini's Mini-Van

8. Fredrick's of Hollywood's 'Lady's Best Friend'

7. Flintstone Viagra-mins

6. Obamargaritas

5. Stolichnaya Oat Bran

4. The Mountain Cat Ode de Toilette

3. Signing Christmas Dolls (Thank God!!!)

2. Mortgages (Yikes!)

1. Cubs Hats

- The Mountain Cat


Karen said... Hysterical. Mt. Cat, you found your funny again!

The Mountain Cat said...

Thanks Karen, 'cause I finally got the Tabasco Pepper Spray out of my eyes.

Jay said...

I think Tobasco is missing out on a good market by not making Tobasco Pepper Spray.

Doc said...

Palin brand Eskimo Cream Pies

Micky-T said...

Hummer Maxi Vans

Moose Turd Pie

Werewolfs of Wasilla

Barack a Jack Fries

WNG said...

Palin pies would be sweet, but would never fill you up...

NFL Shop said...

Interesting! Thats pretty cool! You don’t mind if I come here more often and read your posts do you? I love to blog but only on good subjects. Like this one for instance! Can’t wait till you post something else.