Monday, October 6, 2008

Fenway Bias

The Angels shortstop lets an easy ground ball go under his glove and it is called a base hit??

Then Jason Fairytek lets a ball get by him that just misses the strike zone and it is called a wild pitch??? Bull crap!

God forbid Fairytek makes an error! Holier than thou Captain Fairytek! He couldn’t hold Thurman Munson’s Skoal tins.

The Boston Red Sox and the California Los Anaheim Angels of Anaheim, California north of San Diego are my least favorite teams in baseball!!!!

…And as I am writing this Fairytek drops the ball in a rundown and the runner is called out!! UGH, it sickens me!!

Go Rays! Go Phillies!
(Only on TBS. Very funny.)



Doc said...

Written as only a true Yankee fan could

Karen said...

I smell some Yankee bias there....

The Mountain Cat said...

No. no. no. no.

Bina said...

If I had any idea, at all, as to what you are talking about, (okay, I KNOW it's baseball), I would comment.

Miss you guys!

mickymissesYJKOBT said...

Give me a break....Whaaa Whaaa Whaaa

So what's with this spiralling out of blogging guys? Are you waiting for after November or before the market hits bottom, whichever come first?