Sunday, September 7, 2008

The biggest diddly dog-gone sports day of the whole year !!

The opening day of football season is usually a pretty big day around our house but today is going to be ridiculous !! Due to Tropical Storm Hannah (which we literally only got 4 raindrops from here) the sports schedule for the weekend has gotten crammed into today. Not only do the Carolina Panthers open the season today at 4:15 but add to that a NY Mets day-night double header for 1st place against the Phillies (at the same time that the US open is going on - the worst traffic jam in the world shall be in Flushing NY today I promise) AND not just one but TWO NASCAR races from Richmond, including the deciding race to determine who makes the Chase for the title. Wheew it's gonna be a big day around here!!

(UPDATE: It turned out to be a pretty good day! Jimmie Johnson won the race and Jef Gordon made the Chase... Mets won 1 of 2 and the Panthers beat San Diego on a last second TD... Woo Hoo !!)


The Mountain Cat said...

And it is the season premier of Entourage tonight, Turtle...I mean Doc. :)

Liquid said...

Hope you have a fun one!

runningwildkids said...

What about those Bears too! lol!

The weekend was full of goodies!