Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Weird Al" Kiss

Karen wins a Lion Kiss Award for her parody song of I Got Friends In Low Places by Garth Brooks:

I got friends in blog places
Where the Mt. Cat lists
and his lyrics chases our blues away
And we're all ok.
We're not big on Heather Mills
And Doc likes to trace dollar bills.
Oh I've got friends in blog places.

Enjoy guurrllfrien'!:

- The Mountain Cat


Doc said...

Tough decision They were all great... Congrats Karen !!!

Lu' said...

Yippieeee congratulations Karen. Hey if your gonna get slobbered on by a cat, it's good if it's the Mt Cat:)

leapofaith said...

Congrats, Karen...awesome job!!! Enjoy your 'kiss'!

Jay said...

Congrats to Karen! Karen rocks.

Karen said...

Yea! Thanks so much. That was sooo much fun yesterday. This game was the best idea.

You all rock!

Dianne said...

Yay Karen!! that was a great one :)

I suck at song parodies so I bow to your queenliness of phraseology!

Bina said...

Wow! She did a fantastic job!

I didn't have time to play, AGAIN!!!

I can't touch none of you guys anyway. Mt. Cat is too damn good at his own game.

jennifer said...

Congratulations Karen!!!

I love that song by the way and my kids all know it. A bunch of preteens and younger singing about whiskey with beer chasers. THAT is primo parenting chick!

Happy for you!


Mairi said...

Interesting to know.