Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday word game winner

Thank you to everyone who played Tuesday word game yesterday we had some really good entries. I read back through them and decided that our newest reader also had the winning entry from yesterday. Disaster Chick is the winner for this really bad idea for a beauty pageant:

The worst idea ever for a beauty pageant involved high school lunch ladies.

Congrats Disaster Chick... Here is your Peach to put on your new blog:

Enjoy the Peach and of course we will play again next Tuesday.



Micky-T said...

That was a good one, it brought back such beautiful memories.

Congatulations Disaster Chick.

You too now, have the coveted giant peach-butt in the sky!

Doc said...

Congrats Chicky !!

The Mountain Cat said...

Way to go DC!

Disaster Chick said...

Thank you! :)

leapofaith said...

Congrats, chickie...that one was GREAT!! = )

jennifer said...

Congrats Disaster Chick. You had stiff competition. There were A BUNCH of good ones.

Your answer made me think of a lunch lady that my daughter calls "Pat" - not sure if she is a lunch lady or a lunch gentleman, so a Lunch Pat will do!

I couldn't picture Pat in a tiara.

Disaster Chick said...

Pat. How fitting! I remember Pat from the Saturday Night Live skits.

Lu' said...

Congrats Disaster Chick. Damn and I could taste that peach too, HA!